June 30, 2016

Credit Without the Card

At Icon By Design, we’re big advocates of online shopping. We’re already bringing you extra savings by hosting our entire store online, so it only makes sense that we move our payment systems online too. We’re partnering up with zipMoney to offer you a quicker and easier alternative to credit cards.

Credit Without the Card

What’s the benefit of online credit?

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re redecorating the one you already have, costs can add up quickly – especially when you don’t want to compromise on quality. We’re big believers in investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture, and zipMoney’s generous repayment scheme allows you to do just that.

When you open an online credit account with zipMoney, they’ll pay us now and you can pay them later. You can set up a flexible repayment scheme that allows you to make affordable payments each month, and the first six months are completely interest free. It means that you can start building your dream home, and you won’t have to eat your dinner off cardboard boxes while you save up.

Credit Without the Card

Why zipMoney?

We like to think outside the box to find ways to bring our customers savings – and zipMoney shares that philosophy. As well as saving you from collecting another piece of plastic to worry about losing, they also save you time, because there’s no need to go to the bank and wait weeks to be approved. zipMoney’s online application only takes a few minutes, and you’ll get a result instantly. And if you haven’t planned on using credit, but happen to find a dream sofa that’s just slightly out of your budget, you can even do it at the checkout rather than applying ahead of time.

Credit Without the Card

How does online credit work?

It’s simpler than you think. You can choose to fill out an application and get approved now, or you can wait until you’ve found something you like. If you choose the latter, you’ll have the option to apply at the checkout. It’ll only take a few minutes to do, and you can carry on with your purchase straight away. There’ll be a one-time fee when you set up your credit (and once it’s set up, you can come back to it any time – just in case you find the perfect matching set a little later down the line…), and a monthly admin fee of $4.95 – but only when you have an outstanding balance.

With affordable credit at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to take your interior design dreams off Pinterest and bring them into the real world. Have you tried out zipMoney yet? Let us know what you think!