August 16, 2017

How to Celebrate in Style – 3 Ways

Dinner parties are a great way to bring friends and family together. However, the art of planning the perfect dinner party can be an intimidating prospect. In the face of trying to pull off a well thought-out, beautifully styled affair, it’s tempting to make space on the living room floor.

How to Celebrate in Style

We at Icon By Design firmly believe you shouldn’t leave your magnificent Scandinavian-inspired tables out in the cold! Instead, rediscover the lost art of a well-planned, flawlessly executed event by reading this guide to three unique table settings: ‘Relaxed and Rustic’, ‘Modern Minimalist’, and ‘Luxe Celebration’. We explore each theme using Icon By Design’s timeless tables and chairs, as well as drawing upon some Sydney and Melbourne-based homeware designers we absolutely love. Find inspiration and tips, we’ll help you host an unforgettable evening, whether it’s fuss-free or detailed and decadent.

A Relaxed, Rustic Affair

If you enjoy relaxed, uncomplicated events that are intimate in atmosphere, a rustic affair might be your chosen style.

Picture the scene: a smaller-sized round table made from high-quality natural hardwoods, such as solid oak or deep walnut. Atop the table, mismatched crockery and earthenware dishes are accompanied by hand painted bamboo salad spoons and vintage silver-gold serving-ware.

Irregular shapes and organic forms take precedence. It goes without saying that pinewood boards scented with eucalyptus are used as serving platters for cheese and grapes. Meanwhile, artisanal cups made from hand blown glass are featured nearby.

In line with the relaxed atmosphere of the evening, you may wish to simply sprawl a knife and fork atop the plates, rather than adopt formal cutlery placement. Alternatively, twine the cutlery together with butcher’s string and sprigs of lavender. Gentle background music featuring folk artists such as Devendra Banhart and Nick Drake create a romantic and whimsical soundtrack.

Enjoyment and comfort are key – the Nordic concept of ‘hygge’ is embodied at this dinner party. Unscented tea lights, candlesticks, wildflowers, and cushions provide warmth and ease to an unforgettable evening.

How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Hans Wishbone Chair,

Icon By Design

Brighton Terrazzo Pot Plant,

On The Side

Magnus Round Dining Table,

Icon By Design

How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Speckle Serving Platter,


Hand Painted Spoons,


Raw Khadi Quilted Cushion,

One Another

A Minimal, Modern Dinner Party

If relaxed, rustic simplicity isn’t your cup of tea, you may instead prefer polished, contemporary fixtures with a touch of glamour and industrial cool.

Picture the scene: a dining table made from smooth, solid American walnut is dressed with grey placemats that feature subtle embroidery at the edges. No speckled stoneware or earthy clay pots are here, instead, sleek, semi-matte glazed ceramics in pure neutral colours such as cream white, matte black, and army green line the table. Serving boards feature cutting edge designs and industrial materials such as slate and glass. Sous-vides cooking or molecular dining is enjoyed with gleaming silver serving-ware that surrounds.

Well-structured, smooth, tall-stemmed wine glasses are paired with an abstract glass carafe. No candles or cushions are used, instead a low rising floral arrangement of pink native Proteas can be found in a monochromatic vase. White linens in classic silver napkin holders underscore this minimal, contemporary setting.

How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Walnut Magnus Dining Table,

Icon By Design

Clay Mug,


Copenhagen Matte 24 pcs.,

Georg Jensen

How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Colombina Collection – Table Set,


Ceramic, Slate-Effect Baking Sheet



Lucy’s Florist

A Luxurious, Opulent Feast

You might be having a themed seasonal party or luxurious, decadent detail may simply be your style year-round. Whatever the reason, if you want to put on a spectacular dinner party that throws minimalism out the window, plan on using formal table settings, intricate patterns, colour coordination, and on having a touch for luxurious absurdity that surpasses everyday life.

Picture the scene: a long-running dining table made from tempered glass and solid oak is covered with ornate candle holders that detail crystal bedding. Interspersed between are large, low lying bouquets of pink and white roses. Intricately designed blush and gold plate-sets sit on top of a circular gold placemat that matches the cutlery. Delicately folded name tags are placed to the side. An assortment of goblet-style wine glasses and matching gold rimmed champagne flutes surround. A touch of the fanciful is featured with gold objets for bottle stoppers and napkin holders.

Classical contemporaries such as John Luther Adams and Frederic Rzewski fill the air, while Diptyque candles in fragrant scents are lit throughout the house to add a luxurious quality to the evening.

How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Frederik Dining Table,

Icon By Design

Kiss Wine Stopper,

Kelly Wearstler

Ultima Thule Bowl 20cm,


How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style How to Celebrate in Style
Crystalline Rose Quartz Side Plate,

Christina Re

5 Arm Candelabra with Prisms 42cm,

Bohemia Crystal

Amore Heart Champagne Flutes,

Culinary Concepts