March 3, 2016

New Arrivals

When we started this journey together, we weren’t expecting things to move so quickly. There were times when we didn’t know if we would be able to keep up with all the love we were receiving and were kind of overwhelmed.

Recognizing a good thing when we see it, we vowed to work as hard as we could to make sure we were doing everything to make you happy.

We think it’s a combination of great products, unbeatable prices and fantastic customer service that is making you happy and today we’re delivering on all three.

New Arrivals

Alberto Dining Table – Solid Oak – 200x100cm

We have a new shipment of restocked and brand new products, at fantastic prices waiting to be delivered to you – in time for Christmas – if you order before 16th December.

So whether you love the old, embrace the new or just want to keep this relationship moving at the lightning speed of love and joy that we’ve become used to, then now is the time to start browsing.

New Arrivals

Franz Armchair – Oak – Light Grey Fabric

We vow to keep it interesting every step of the way and have some more exciting ‘spice of life’ announcements coming your way.