5 Steps to Styling Your Statement Piece

So you’ve just bought an incredible statement piece. Despite riding on a high from your newest purchase, it can be overwhelming to alter your current style to accomodate your new piece. Follow these simple steps to create an eye-catching look in your home.

1. Pick Your Statement Piece

Svend Entertainment Unit Statement Piece

First things first: choose your statement piece. Think about the mood you’re trying to create, or the style you’re going for. Warm? Shop for dark woods. Rustic? Light woods, whitewash and linen fabrics. Modern? Think glass, chrome and clean lines. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to get some inspiration.

It’s also good to remember that a statement piece can be practical too. A sofa in an unusual colour or a top-quality T.V. unit will quickly go from an everyday object to eye-catching.

 2. Position Your Statement Piece

Svend Entertainment Unit Statement Piece


For any piece to make a statement, its audience has to be paying attention. It’s no good tucking it away in a corner or obscuring it with your two-foot-tall houseplant.  Find a spot in the room that naturally draws the eye – often this is directly across from the door, so you notice it when you first come in, or somewhere your eye falls when you’re sitting on the sofa. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, try and clear some room around it so that your statement piece isn’t weighed down by clutter. Fuss-free surroundings will give it a chance to really shine.

3. Complement Your Statement Piece

Svend Entertainment Unit Statement Piece

You’ve picked your piece to create a certain ambience, and one of the best ways to keep that atmosphere going is by placing complementary pieces strategically around the room.

When you’re matching your furniture, it doesn’t all need to be clustered together. A few fresh linen candles on the mantlepiece will pair nicely with a statement coffee table to create a modern living room. A bright cushion or two on an armchair make great partners to a bold statement sofa.

4. Contrast Your Statement Piece

Svend Entertainment Unit Statement Piece

Of course, the other option is to go in the exact opposite direction and contrast. Clashing colours and patterns can really make each other pop, so don’t be afraid to go to the other side of the colour wheel when decorating. You can also use two opposing themes to give a room some extra wow factor. Rustic-but-modern or bright-but-minimal are great ways to capture your guests’ attention.

Remember, mixing can be just as stylish as matching.

5. Host Around Your Statement Piece

After all, what’s the point in creating the perfect statement piece if you don’t invite guests round to show it off? Got some styling tips to share, or your own statement piece you want to show off? Share your ideas and pictures in the comments below.

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