How To Style Your Office Using Versatile Furniture

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to live in houses with designated offices, but other times, we must make do with a bedroom desk or filing cabinet under the stairs. It’s for this reason that we recommend whenever you do style an office; use versatile pieces that are multi-functional and space efficient. Read on to discover how to style a home office space using versatile Icon By Design furniture and a few key tips and tricks.

Choose Space-Saving Storage Items

How To Style Your Office Using Versatile FurnitureSecond only to the kitchen, offices are infamous for quickly becoming messy. So, choose storage items with lots of compartments and nooks for putting things away. We recommend the Jonas 3×2 Bookshelf with Drawers in WalnutComplete with draws, shelves and a flat top, it can be used to house books, picture frames, magazines etc. and it can be placed in multiple spaces as a result (think: under the stairs, in the living room, along the hallway). Later, if you don’t have a use for it in the office, its space saving nature means you can use it elsewhere.

Don’t Buy Heavy, Obscurely Shaped Furniture

How To Style Your Office Using Versatile Furniture

Offices are typically not that big. So, when decorating the space, you may be tempted to fill an open corner with, for example, an L shaped desk. Resist the urge! While this move may seem smart, later on, you may find it difficult to rehome that desk or curved love seat. With this in mind, never have custom furniture built, unless you’re sure it’s your forever home. Always pick furniture that can easily meet a wall with minimal hassle. The Jolanda Office Desk is a great example of this. Not too heavy or cumbersome, its clean lines and rectangular shape mean it can be used as a beautiful office desk, bedroom desk, or even as a play station in the rumpus room.

Choose High-Quality, Multi-Purpose Office Furniture

How To Style Your Office Using Versatile Furniture

Is it a chest of draws, a filing cabinet or an entertainment unit? When you purchase a multifunctional item such as the Bastian Entertainment Unit, it can be all three. Although you might not think of this piece to furnish an office space, its deep draws mean it can double as such. Made of American oak that is high-quality, neutral and unassuming, the Entertainment Unit shows that choosing a sleek, adaptable design can extend the life of your furniture.

So, there you have it! Do you agree with our selected pieces for office styling? What do you think about when styling a home office? Get in touch to let us know. And if you’re ready to browse office furniture, you can check out our amazing range of versatile, high quality pieces or come see them in store at the Supacenta, Moore Park.

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