Meet the designer behind our latest sofa collection, Olivia

Armed with a Masters degree in Product Design at the Brera Academy of Arts of Milan, our Head of Product Design, Tania Da Cruz, brings a decidedly European aesthetic to Icon By Design. Focusing on sustainable solid timber and timeless craftsmanship, she guides the in-house design team to create modern Australian-designed furniture with a streamlined Scandi aesthetic. Our latest offering is the Olivia – a sofa collection with that wow factor that’s sophisticated, supportive and snuggly.

In this Q&A with Tania, we find out the inspiration behind the collection, what makes Olivia stand out from the crowd and those seven gorgeous shades it comes in. 

Describe the Olivia sofa collection in just three words.

That’s easy! Comfy, plush, modern.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Olivia? 

During the creative process I tend to follow the motto “form follows function” so my starting point was designing a wooden frame with a minimalist look as the base of the sofa collection. Next came the cushions with removable covers for easy living. Being a big fan of modernism and mid century design, my inspiration was the masters of that time, especially Sergio Rodrigues, a Brasilian modernist and creator of the iconic Mole armchair.

Meet the designer behind our latest sofa collection, Olivia

Sofas can make or break a living room. What are the little details that made a big difference when designing the Olivia collection? 

When I started to design the perfect sofa collection, my three must-haves were comfort, style and easy cleaning. Let’s face it, we lead hectic lives – when we come home, we need a sofa to be our safe haven; a sofa that’s cosy and cocooning – without having to worry about keeping it spotless. I had an ‘a-ha’ moment – I knew our sofa had to have removable cushion covers. What’s more, the plush and fluffy cushions are seated on a Pirelli webbing support that ups the comfort factor and guarantees good support. I designed it from the ground up with elegant timber legs, an eye-catching oak frame and cushions that you want to sink into – whether for a siesta or a Saturday night movie marathon.  

That American oak timber frame makes a unique statement – what made you choose it?

Oak timber is our signature material at Icon By Design. It adds warmth to the living room. In the making of this new collection, we couldn’t resist tying it together to create that sense of harmony between all our products. The curved oak frame has a flow that’s modern and easy on the eye and the shapely timber legs all add to that light, airy vibe. 

Meet the designer behind our latest sofa collection, Olivia

Tell us more about those cushions – they look so comfy and we love the fact that they’re removable! 

The cushions are fully removable to offer easy cleaning and worry-free living. The interesting part lies in the design detail – the cushions are held together to the sofa frame through the fabric loop. Thanks to this clever system, no extra material was needed to close the gaps within the frame. This results in very clean looking aesthetic and minimal components.

How did you choose the fabrics? Why did you go for those specific colours and textures?

The Olivia has a Scandi look that’s very versatile. It can be adapted to suit a contemporary casual Nordic style, a coastal beachy vibe or a more formal environment. I selected fabrics to suit these three different styles. We’ll soon be introducing a range of  rich velvets for those who want a luxe look. Stay tuned!

What sort of a home would the Olivia Collection suit?

Adaptability is at the core of all our products and, thanks to its minimalist oak frame, Olivia was designed to suit a variety of homes. The variety in our fabric selection and the ability to dress up your sofa if the occasion so demands adds to its versatility. Once you decide which look you’re going for, the world is your oyster.

Crafted for style and comfort, the Olivia sofa collection is our most modern sofa yet. Its comfy cushions give it an incredible sink-right-in feeling that’s perfect for sprawling out, curling up or sitting pretty and its beautiful oak frame gives it that wow factor. With a choice of three fabrics and seven colour options, it ticks all the boxes. Take a look! Click here to browse the Olivia Collection.

Meet the designer behind our latest sofa collection, Olivia
Meet the designer behind our latest sofa collection, Olivia
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