Q&A with our Head of Product Design

 Say hello to Tania Da Cruz, the head of product design at Icon By Design. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Tania grew up in Brussels, moved to Italy to do her Masters at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, and then flew across to work in Sydney, Australia – yes, she’s quite the globe-trotter! Tania is a new mum to baby Leopold and is currently learning to perfect the art of juggling motherhood with her creative job. 

Q: How has the pandemic affected your day-to-day design capabilities? 

A: I’m at my most creative when I am surrounded by visual and social stimulation; that’s why I love working in an office environment. However, working from home does have its benefits and comforts, especially now that I have Leo to care for.

Q: You’ve designed the Olivia Collection which is one of the company’s best-selling pieces. Which product is your favourite design?

A: My favourite product from the Olivia collection is the Olivia modular shelving system. I love it for its simplicity in shape, robustness in structure and versatility. It’s a clever product and looks beautiful. I also have an Olivia armchair at home where Leo and I snuggle together to read some books or share cuddles. 


Q: Do you have any tips for someone wanting to create a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired home? 

A: My main tip is to select a few but good quality furniture pieces. Look for items that have clean, minimalist lines in natural timber tones. Choose designs that are all about functionality and craftsmanship. Of course, a hint of playfulness never goes astray – you can add colour through accessories and art.


Q: What design trends have you noticed in the last 12 months and which ones will endure in 2022 and beyond?

A: I’ve been drawn towards a contrast in shapes that almost look odd – but end up looking trendy when put together. I also like geometrical shapes that have a hint of playfulness. We have started collaborations with new talented designers – but everything is TOP SECRET for now, so watch this space! 


Q: We've heard about Magnus, Olivia, Jolanda, Bastian, etc. Can you tell us why these names were chosen as Icon By Design product names? 

They are all names connected to Scandinavia since our style is decidedly Scandinavian. Plus,we really like them and think they suit our style. One thing to note is that in some cases, we have different names for the same product in Australia and the US. We did this to begin the brand alignment across both countries and try to build out the families when appropriate. 


Magnus: This is our most popular furniture family and the Extension Dining Table is a bestseller. It has rounded edges/corners and angled legs and is available in rectangle, oval, round, square shapes which means it can suit so many different spaces. 

Otto: The Otto dining table has round legs which align with the rectangular table top. It’s also available as an extension dining table.


As the company expands, so does the design team with Brett Gordon recently joining our creative family. IconByDesign creates solid wood furniture for a modern, relaxed way of living that’s designed for life. 

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