Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

You know that feeling you get when you walk into someone’s home and it just feels right? Like everything has come together in a way that makes you feel instantly at ease, like you’re in a space you can relax in, a space where you might just have the teeniest, tiniest pang of let’s call it…envy.

All homes are created equal when you follow these simple interior design tips from the pro. Create the space that makes others that teeny tiny bit green with envy.


All match and no mix makes for a dull room. Instead of choosing all your items from one range, decide on your colour palette, pick a few key pieces, then have fun blending different looks.

Get inspired

Every great artist needs a muse. Shop around online and in magazines for fresh ideas before you start redecorating. Create a board on Pinterest or follow some of the big names in design and see what they are loving this season.

interior design trends

Keep it simple

Never do with a million throw cushions what you could do with a simple paperweight. It’s often the little details that liven up an interior – such as adding a fresh flower to one of your grouped vases.

Functionality is key

Remember to leave some room for life. However fashionable your home is, you’ll need somewhere you can sit down for dinner or relax after work. Accessorise roughly half your space, and keep the rest clean and functional.

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There’s never a bad season for some spring cleaning. Allocate two or three hours each weekend – for as many weekends as it takes – to decluttering. If you’ve got a lot of clutter to clear, break down the job into smaller, more manageable tasks to make it less daunting.

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