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In a world of frenetic consumerism where everything from your coffee cup to your contact lenses is disposable and fast fashion rules, how do you manage to make sustainability one of the guiding principles of your furniture business – and succeed?

How do you make beautifully crafted solid timber furniture that’s timeless – without the exorbitant price tag? That’s what father-and-son duo David and Adam Light, who is now 5th generation in the furniture industry, set out to do when they started IconByDesign in 2015.

Realising there was a dearth in the furniture market for high-end furniture that was sustainably sourced, designed to last yet affordable, they set about filling this gap. With ‘sustainable living’ becoming a buzzword in recent years, the Light family set about changing the way Australians sought and bought furniture. They questioned today’s throwaway culture, adopting eco-friendly practices from the beginning to end of the production and retail process.

solid oak dining table, chairs, shelves.
Best-sellers: Magnus dining table, Astrid dining chairs in sage green and Jonas display units

Let’s face it, in the past we purchased furniture made from MDF or veneer, simply because it was cheaper. When it bowed or broke, we chucked it onto the verge for our local council clean-up without a second thought about its environmental impact. But not anymore. Many of us want to make more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives and tread lightly on our environment.

IconByDesign realised the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their business model. At its heart, they consider their impact on the planet, striving to minimise their footprint in the way their products are made and what goes into them, as well as in the way they do business.

They started from the ground up, sourcing all of their oak and walnut timbers from FSC-certified forests where the trees are harvested sustainably and responsibly. Next, they focused on traditional carpentry methods and craftsmanship without the need for polluting glues or other chemicals. Working directly with the makers meant avoiding the middleman and bringing high-end design to Australian families at an affordable price point. Solid timber meant that the furniture is built to last and withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life as your family grows and evolves. Choosing timeless design over trends that change from season to season translated into pieces that will never go out of style and furniture that won’t date. Purchasing well-made furniture that you truly love ensures you won’t need to replace it for years to come. Yes, they could become family heirlooms you could pass onto your kids in years to come!

solid wood coffee table and entertainment unit
Magnus coffee table and side table with the Svend entertainment unit

IconByDesign’s collections are an eclectic mix of modern Scandinavian and mid-century designs that are expertly crafted for the modern Australian home. The range offers style and comfort for every room in your home, be it your living room, dining, office or bedroom. Their furniture is built to last a lifetime and will be an integral part of your home as your story unfolds, chapter by chapter.

Affordable, stylish designs crafted and curated with care for the environment. What’s not to love?

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