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Isn't he charming?

Playful. Positive. Practical.

Otto is happy to play host. You'll find him at the centre of any party, be it inviting his family for a Sunday barbecue, friends for games night, or new neighbours over for a glass of wine – there’s always room for one more.

Otto puts the ‘fun’ in functional. He's a modern man who makes his decisions based on a strong foundation of principles. You know you'll be able to rely on him. He’s witty, charming and always up for a laugh – no wonder people gravitate towards him.

Set the scene. Set the table. Set your sights on Otto.


How to Style the Otto | Icon By Design

Take your dining table from functional to fabulous!

Your dining table is an integral part of your home. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Play around with texture, colour and shape and let your style speak and evolve with the changing seasons.

The style of your dining room will help you select the right seating. Is it formal or relaxed? Would you prefer chairs or benches – or a mix of both? Next create a vignette on your table top. How about a trio of hand-crafted ceramic vases or a cluster of soy wax candles? Flowers add fragrance and a pop of colour, while pot plants bring soothing serenity. Abstract artwork in bold colours, a statement chandelier and funky knick knacks all add depth to the story your dining room is waiting to tell.

We’ve got three styles to guide you. Choose from cool and calming Scandi, minimalist low-maintenance Modernism, or arty, eclectic Bohemian ...

Playful Elegance

Scandi Rhythm


Modern Sanctuary

Subtle Eclectic


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