Guide to: Taking Care of Your New Furniture

How to make sure your furniture stays in love with you

Are you still in love with your new furniture?

Sure, when it first arrives you are practically inseparable, fluffing cushions and showing it off to anyone who will look. But like all great love stories, time passes, passions fade - and before you know it stains appear, blemishes materialise, dust starts to accumulate.

You start taking each other for granted.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Follow these steps to keep everyone hunky dory. (That’s you and the furniture.)

Know your fabrics

No one (including furniture) likes to be ignored. We are not talking about a date night here. Just make time to vacuum your upholstered furniture (weekly) and occasionally rotate and reposition the cushions. Take time to know what fabric you are dealing with and follow the manufacturer's care instructions closely. Look to blot spills with paper towel asap. Water mixed with a mild soap can also be used. Just be gentle when you rub and blot the area afterwards so no moisture remains. For peace of mind a quality fabric protector is a good investment. Designed to repel liquids and block stains, they won’t change the look, feel or breathability of your fabric - just spot test the product before you get going.

TLC for timber

Dust is enemy number one for timber furniture - it not only scratches but settles into the grain and makes it look dull. So be sure to schedule a regular (gentle) dust of all your timber surfaces with a soft cloth. Again, if you spill something get to it asap. Even timbers with lacquer finishes will stain if water is allowed to sit and penetrate. Soak up the liquid with paper towel and use a damp cloth to wipe the surface down. (Your timber will be appalled if you use chemicals) Invest in coasters or placemats for areas where spillage is likely. And to show how you feel, timber also loves a gentle massage every few months (who doesn’t), with a polish to suit the wood finish. This not only helps to clean, it also nourishes and protects. Look to polish in the direction of the grain followed by a thorough buffing.

Love your leather

If leather is your thing then be aware that you are dealing with a very different beast. Regularly dust and wipe with a damp, soft, clean cloth (weekly). Your leather will also appreciate a regular moisturiser to keep it sexy and supple. For spills (oils & drinks) wipe and then dab using absorbent paper towel to remove any excess liquid. For nubuck or suede, look to prevention (waterproofing sprays) and regular brushing to keep it happy.

Pet lover?

Animals a big part of your life?  Then be prepared to act quickly if anything messy happens. The trick is to get stop an offending substance before it sinks into the fabric or filling. Look to soak up any liquid and then rinse the area with clean water. The trick is to completely remove the odour otherwise they may return to it. To remove pet hair use a wet sponge and vacuum your home regularly. Otherwise, consider puppy school or getting a dog breed that don’t shed. Anyone for a Portuguese Water Dog?

Solid Hardwood Furniture

The appeal of solid hardwood furniture is that each piece is unique in terms of colour, natural marks and grain patterns and workmanship. Consequently, you may notice some differences between items from the same range; any such differences are considered an integral part of this totally natural product.

Due to the very nature of solid hardwood furniture, all ranges will feature varying degrees of distressing from piece to piece; this may include wood splits, filling, knots, distress marks, antiquing etc. As above, such features are considered integral to the 'traditional' charm of solid hardwood furniture. To complement these unique qualities, some of our ranges are crafted to have a 'distressed' or 'rustic' styling. This is very much intended by our skilled craftsman and makes each piece totally unique with a 'lived in' appearance.

Watch those rays

Believe it or not your furniture - fabric, timber or leather - also needs to be protected from that gaping hole in the ozone layer. Opt for blinds and curtains (not sunscreen) to stop fabrics fading and timber shrinking and cracking. Or just position your precious piece out of direct sunlight.

Furniture Wax Polish

Did you know that almost half the weight of freshly sawn wood is water? All timbers undergo a meticulous kiln drying process to carefully reduce this moisture content, leaving just enough so that it can properly acclimate to the relative humidity in your home. 

One of the best ways to help your furniture acclimate is to treat it immediately with formulated wax polish, and to continue treating it at three month intervals. Doing so will protect and nourish the timbers; creating a long-lasting, protective seal. The wax polish we usually recommend for natural American Oak and American Walnut timber is clear, i.e. no tint in the wax. The only exception to this is for wooden surfaces that have been tinted, such as Cinnamon coloured American Oak. In this case, we recommend a matching shades, which is specifically blended for oak wood.

Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than hardwood furniture as they are liable to damage the finish. Please note that failure to treat your hardwood furniture as instructed could result in drying and splitting, and the invalidation of your warranty. 



  • Treat your furniture with wax polish immediately upon receipt and then every three months to protect and nourish the wood
  • Blot up spills immediately with a soft, slightly damp cloth
  • Use coasters, place-mats and tablecloths to protect furniture during use


  • Place items of furniture in areas which receive direct sunlight, as this can cause fading to the finish
  • Place furniture directly next to heating or air conditioning vents
  • Use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than hardwood furniture, as they are liable to damage the finish

If in doubt

And don’t be too proud to call in a cleaning pro, especially if you have a particularly precious piece or sensitive fabric. They have all the right equipment to take care of that suede sofa, red wine stain or mystery odour that just won’t go away. You will be amazed at what steam cleaning can do ...

And you thought it was just a piece of furniture. Treat it right and it could be for life.