What is Pre-Ordering?


What is Pre-Ordering?

Pre-Ordering allows you to get a significantly better price. You order an item before it reaches our warehouse, which effectively means you're exchanging having your order delivered immediately for a 20% discount!  


No Middleman


Pre-Order your items
from Icon By Design

No Middleman


We save on storage
& warehousing costs


No Middleman


You save an additional 20% on the already low price

Why do we offer you 20% off for Pre-Ordering?

  • We save on warehousing and storage costs and pass these savings on to you.
  • We want to make Designer Furniture more affordable and if you Pre-Order we can consolidate your order with other customers who have Pre-Ordered the same item.
  • This allows us to get bulk prices on our purchases and you are the beneficiary.
  • Because you pay for your Pre-Order in full upfront, you effectively provide us the financing and we no longer need to source trade finance from a financial institution and avoid borrowing money and paying interest.

Is there any difference between Pre-Ordered products and Buy Now products? 

Absolutely not! They are identical in every way except the Buy Now products are shipped within 2 days and delivered within 1-3 weeks depending upon your end location in Australia.

Can I cancel a Pre-Order?

In exchange for offering you a 20% Discount we are asking for a firm commitment on an order. So Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled due to the fact that we have already ordered your item from the factory especially for you.

Can I upgrade a Pre-Order to Buy Now after placing an order?

Yes of course, as long as we have stock of the item. Please contact us if you wish to do this.

Please note with Pre-Ordering we are only able to advise the expected arrival date into Australia. The date the goods arrive at our warehouse for dispatch to you is dependent on many factors, such as the time taken to get the raw materials to the factory, passing our 100% quality control inspection, clearing customs etc. As a result, delays can occur. If you require delivery by a specific date it is advisable to Buy Now rather than Pre-Order.