5 Reasons To Choose Solid Oak Bedside Tables

You’re choosing a bedside table from your room, and understandably looking at all of the options can be overwhelming. Out of all the different materials available, solid oak bedside tables are the best option.

Why Solid Oak Bedside Tables?

So why choose solid oak bedside tables over other options? Solid wood bedside tables provide benefits that others don’t.


One of the main reasons to choose solid oak bedside tables is their durability. Solid oak is one of the strongest and densest types of wood used for furniture.

Red and white oak, which are the two common types of oak used in furniture, have a natural resistance to rot and decay and moderate resistance to termites and pests.

Solid oak grains grow very close together, which makes them very strong. Solid oak is used for different kinds of furniture because it is capable of holding a lot of weight.

Easy Maintenance

Some materials, like metal, can rust, which makes furniture with metal challenging to care for. Other synthetic materials, such as glass, can crack or break, and maintenance can definitely pose an issue.

Solid wood furniture doesn’t have this problem. Furniture made from solid wood is just as susceptible to staining and the elements as any other material, but caring for them is not difficult. Solid wood bedside tables can easily be stained; some individuals use them to hold plates or cups, so the wood can develop rings from moisture. These rings can easily be removed as they occur with a lint-free or microfiber cloth. When the ring has sat too long and has marked the piece, or if there are too many rings on the surface, solid wood bedside tables can easily be sanded down and re-stained to a color of your choosing. It can be time-consuming because you have to wait for the stain to dry before re-applying the finish, but the process is very simple.

Beyond that, Scandinavian bedside tables only need a general wipe down and a wax every so often.


Solid wood bedside tables are fairly versatile, meaning they can fit in with any other style or color scheme you have in your bedroom. If you choose an option that doesn’t match the other colors in your room but you really like the style of the piece, solid wood furniture is easy to stain, and there are many different colors that it can be stained with.

These bedside tables are also available in different styles, many of which are versatile. This is why solid wood bedside tables are sought after for bedrooms.


A special characteristic of solid wood bedside tables is that no two pieces will ever be identical, even if they were cut from the same type of tree. Every tree is unique, and its grain pattern and the knots it grows, and these unique qualities are shown in each furniture piece.

It’s one of the reasons solid wood furniture is so popular; people enjoy having furnishings with special traits that no one piece has. And because wood is so malleable, there are so many possible shapes, sizes, and stylings for solid wood bedside tables and other furniture made from solid wood.


Solid oak bedside tables and solid wood furniture, in general, are one of the most sustainable furnishing options in retailers. Yes, they are made from wood that comes from the forestry industry, which contributes to deforestation. However, they are the sustainable option because of their longevity.

Solid wood bedside tables can last decades and can either be sold secondhand or passed down through generations. Because of their easy maintenance and their durability, this type of bedside table is very strong and built to last. This means that they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as furniture made from engineered wood or veneer; this not only saves money but also reduces the need to buy more furniture. The less furniture that is bought commercially, the fewer trees need to be chopped down.

Bedside Table vs. Nightstand

Bedside tables and nightstands are two terms that are often used interchangeably. What is the difference between nightstands and bedside tables? Really, not much.

Typically, bedside tables are simple tables merely meant for holding small things, like a phone or a lamp. They don’t offer much in terms of storage, but some styles and designs may offer a drawer or a small shelf underneath. Nightstands, on the other hand, also have styles that are very simple without much storage space or drawers, but they generally have at least one drawer. If you are looking for bedside drawers, a nightstand is more likely to have the feature. Both are available in different sizes, designs, and colors: there are black nightstands, white nightstands, small bedside tables, etc. Neither is better than the other, but they have different levels of appeal for different people.

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