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Timber Bed Frames Crafted by Master Artisans

At IconByDesign, you will find wooden bed frames inspired by the elegant practicality of Scandinavian and mid-century design principles. The frames are meticulously crafted by master artisans using 100% natural materials - the wooden bed base, legs, and headboard are made from solid American oak or Walnut.

Our timber bed frames add an evergreen element to any bedroom and are built to last for decades. Pick the size, shape, and exact style you prefer and you will get a wooden bed frame that is the perfect fit for your bedroom. 

Solid Wood Bed Frames - Elegance and Functionality in One

One of the main advantages of IconByDesign’s wooden bed frames is that they are made entirely out of sustainably harvested solid wood. Unlike engineered wood products such as veneer or plywood, solid wood is timber milled directly from trees, giving it the same internal structure and consistency all the way through. 

This structure allows solid wood bed frames to be exceedingly strong and durable, while also being resistant to warping and rot. On top of that, solid wood has inherent hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, both of which are very important characteristics for items you will be keeping in your or your children’s sleeping quarters. 

But the quality of our wooden bed frames is not only based on the materials used, but also the unique design and expert craftsmanship. The frames are made to be elegant by incorporating Scandinavian and mid-century minimalist elements, while at the same time being sturdy and stable due to the care given to each piece during construction.  

Wooden bed frames have one more advantage over other materials - their unique aesthetic. Each tree varies in tone and has an individual grain pattern and that is reflected in the furniture made from it. Thus, each of our wooden bed frames will have a truly unique aesthetic, unlike even other pieces made from solid wood. 

The Importance of a Solid Timber Bed Base for Quality Sleep

A comfortable bed is the foundation of a good night’s sleep and the bed base is the bedrock of a comfortable bed. A low-quality bed base may have large gaps that cause the mattress to slag, the wood may bow and bend - creating an uneven surface, or the slats may creak and squeak, waking you up during the night.

Due to the characteristics of solid wood we discussed, a solid timber bed base is the only solution for a high-quality bed. The slats of our wooden bed base are just as strong, durable, and resistant to warping as the rest of the construction, providing the perfect support for your mattress. 

Single, Double, Queen, and King Size Wooden Bed Frames

Finally, a high-quality wooden bed frame is only practical if it is a good fit for your bedroom and preferred mattress. That is why we offer wooden bed frames in single, double, queen, and king sizes to conform to any bedroom size. Our bed frames are all designed to fit standard Australian mattress sizes, so you can easily find, or use an existing mattress to match your new solid wood frame. 

Furniture for Your Entire Bedroom

Besides wooden bed frames, our range of bedroom furniture also contains other complementary pieces that you can use to furnish your bedroom. You will find solid wood bedside tables and chests of drawers, all made from the same premier materials as our timber bed frames. We also offer hand-crafted rugs that can be the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom.

You can place your order online and we will ship it to your address or you can visit one of our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne and make your purchase in person. We also invite you to request a free timber sample if you would like to feel the wood in your hands before you place the order.

In case you need some design advice or have any questions, book a video consultation or contact us directly - we will be happy to help in any way we can.