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Scandinavian Coffee Tables Crafted by Artisans

A coffee table is not just another item in your household - it tells a story and sets the foundation for your home’s aesthetic. Let your Scandinavian coffee table be the centerpiece for every event you host and the home for your morning cup of coffee. IconByDesign’s solid wood coffee tables are crafted by master artisans, making each piece unique. 

You will get to know the grain and the pattern as well as you know the back of your own hand, until the table becomes a tangible portrayal of your personal journey. Our range of solid wood coffee tables includes different designs, shapes, and sizes, so take a look at our collection and choose the one that suits your style the most.

Longevity Only Solid Wood Can Provide

Mass-produced furniture made from engineered wood has a place but it can never replace genuine solid wood. Engineered wood is an artificial material created by binding wood products, such as fibres and strands, with adhesives. A piece of furniture made from engineered wood will not have a consistent internal structure and cannot be fully restored after prolonged use.

Conversely, IconByDesign’s Scandinavian coffee tables are made purely out of solid wood - the natural material that is directly harvested from real trees. That imbues our solid wood coffee tables with the characteristics that only this natural material has: exceeding durability and ease of restoration, on top of antiallergenic and antibacterial properties. 

Additionally, each table will have a unique design, reflecting the grains and patterns of the specific tree it was made from. Every piece is meticulously crafted by our artisans, so you will always get the highest quality.

Order a Sample or Come See Your Solid Wood Coffee Table in Person

We are fully confident that you will appreciate both the natural materials we use and the craftsmanship employed in the creation of our Scandinavian coffee tables once you have a chance to experience it. Thus, we invite you to order a sample of the timber used in the construction or, if you have the time, to visit our showrooms in either Melbourne or Sydney. This gives you a chance to discover what the final product looks, feels, and even smells like.

You can also schedule a free video consultation if you have any questions or need some design and decorating advice. Once you have made up your mind, place the order online and your solid wood coffee table will be delivered right to the chosen address.