Authenticity of materials is a key focus at IconByDesign. We mindfully selected sustainably sourced solid wood as the primary material for our furniture with our customer's long term desires in mind.

Understanding Solid Wood

  • The Beauty of Solid Wood

    At IconByDesign we celebrate the inherent beauty of solid wood, embracing its diverse array of characteristics including variation of colour, grain patterns, knots, medullary rays and other beautiful traits. Each piece is unique, telling a story of the life of the tree it came from.

    Each plank of real wood displays unique grain patterns and features, setting it apart from veneer products, and clearly identifying solid wood as a more premium product compared to the unnatural repetitive symmetry of veneer strips. The grain of both American white oak and American walnut are mostly linear, with special moments of wave and swirl patterns. Medullary rays, appearing as ribbon-like patterns, serve as indicators that the timber was quarter-sawn, one of the most structurally sound ways to cut lumber.

    Most of our products use #1 grade wood, meaning the quality, strength, and appearance is rated as more premium. We reject the lower grades that we reject allowing for more defects such as dead knots, open veins and larger fissures.

  • Sustainability

    At IconByDesign, we are mindful of the full lifecycle of our products, from the forests we source our timber from, to the longevity and livability of it in your home.

    Trees are pretty amazing! They are a renewable resource that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and converts it to oxygen, like nature's own air purifiers. Even after wood is harvested, it continues to hold onto that carbon, which helps reduce the carbon in our atmosphere, helping with climate change.

    Our durable hardwoods are sourced from sustainably managed forests that focus on regrowth, keeping future generations and the ecosystem in mind.

    It doesn't end there. At IconByDesign we believe in making pieces that stand the test of time by using solid wood and avoiding unnecessary veneer. We reject the trend of using cheap veneer and engineered "wood" to make disposable furniture. Those use synthetic glues to make damage prone products that end up in landfill. Not our style! Solid wood can be easily be rejuvenated to remove years of wear and tear simply by sanding and refinishing. So, when you choose our furniture, you're not just getting beautiful designs crafted from quality wood – you're also making a positive impact on the planet. It's a win-win!

  • Easy Care

    With low maintenance care your solid wood products will remain beautiful for years of use.

    • Dust with a clean, soft cloth
    • A slightly damp cloth is sufficient for general cleaning. Use only cleaning products designed for timber furniture
    • Avoid contact with heat and prolonged exposure to moisture. Using coasters or placemats is recommended
    • Lift, don't drag your furniture
    • Like our skin, UV protectant can slow the natural colour change caused by exposure and aging

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Solid Oak

Our sustainably sourced America oak is a premium hardwood that’s renowned for its beauty, durability, strength and easy maintenance. It has a distinctive figured grain pattern common only to genuine Oak species, and considered one of the most aesthetically desirable.


American oak has a pale straw colour when first cut, and changes to a deeper warm shade as it ages and with exposure to UV. The colour variation can span from a pale tan, to a warm blonde, rich golden honey, and a mottled mid brown, sometimes with a slight pink hue.


Solid American oak is ideal for homes where the furniture needs to not only be beautiful, but also have longevity and livability. Janka Hardness Scale is a common method for assessing the hardness of timber. The higher the number the harder the wood. American oak has a Janka hardness of 1,350 to 1,360 lbf, compared to other hardwoods like mango wood which is typically between 900 to 1000 lbf, or rubber wood which is between 700 to 900 lbf. This is an indicator of resilience and durability, showing solid American oak to be more resistant to dents and damage. The hardness of oak makes it also desirable for flooring and increasingly for popular architectural structures, proving the quality of this material.

The combination of the strength and density, beautiful grain, and warm pale tones make it the perfect material for the Australian coastal and Scandinavian inspired aesthetic of our designs.

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Solid Walnut

American walnut is one of the most luxurious wood available in the furniture industry. It is considered one of the most beautiful thanks to it’s rich colour and elegant grain pattern. It is also very durable thanks to its hardness, density and resistance to warping. American walnut registers 1010 lbf on the Janka scale, which is harder than both teak and mahogany wood, other premium hardwoods. 


The colour is one of the most desirable characteristics of American walnut. The heartwood ranges from light brown to a rich, deep chocolate brown. It can have a purple or red cast hues with darker streaks. The sapwood is paler in colour. Walnut can lighten in colour as it ages, especially when exposed to UV. The variety of tones seen in American walnut is part of the luxurious charm.


Walnut timber has a fine, yet open grain. The striking grain is of the the features that makes this wood so desirable. The grain is mostly straight with beautiful patterns appearing in places. Waves, curls, crotches and burls are some of the patterns that can be found, with each plank being unique. 

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