Autumn Colour Palette

As summer makes way for autumn in Australia, it’s the perfect excuse to switch up your home’s interiors to reflect the new season. Take your cues from the falling leaves outside and change the colour palette in your home. While autumn colours of deep yellows, oranges, reds and browns will always add welcoming warmth to your space, there are other colours that also create that sense of connection. 

Says our interior designer Thannya, “Warm neutrals along with blues and greens are dominating the colour palette of 2023. They create a cocooning sense of comfort and relaxed style.” What’s more, these colours go perfectly with our solid oak and walnut furniture. Find out what the trending shades for autumn are and how to incorporate them into your home. 


1. Earthy Neutrals

Set the scene with a soft, natural palette in earthy neutrals to create your home’s backdrop. Neutrals are easy on the eye, promoting stability, softness and serenity. When teamed up with deep accent colours of autumn (think warm reds, oranges, browns and yellows), earthy neutrals  create a sense of comfort and relaxed style.

Shop the look: Otto Extension Dining Table with matching Otto Bench and Stefan Dining Chairs.


2. Tranquil Blue

For a sense of calm and a feeling of connection, incorporate shades of blue into your decor. Elegant in its simplicity, blue invites you to reflect and to relax. How about a cosy blue throw on your favourite armchair or a neutral navy blue set of dining chairs? 

Shop the look: Plank Armchair with Bastian Entertainment Unit and Felix Coffee Table.


3. Vibrant Green

For a pop of colour, use emerald green as an accent colour in your home. Choose luxurious fabrics and textures (linen, velvet, corduroy, boucle) when choosing throws and cushions. You can also add vases, pot plants and curios in this vibrant shade.

Shop the look: Olivia 3 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa and Armchair in Racing Green Luxe Velvet with the Magnus Coffee Table.


4. Tan Brown

This versatile neutral colour suits just about any home – no matter the style. Tan invokes a feeling of home and wholesomeness, of sanctuary and stability, of reliability and relaxation. Combine it with neutrals or with warming autumn shades of burgundy or burnt orange. 


Shop the look: Hilda Glass Dining Table with the Astrid Dining Chairs in Tan Top Grain Leather. 


Looking to create a cohesive look in your home with a colour palette that suits your style and space?

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