Q&A with our Melbourne Interior Decorator - Ryan

I’ve always surrounded myself with creativity, imagination, and beauty, whether it’s through art, fashion, or design. I believe that every space tells a unique story, and being an interior decorator gives me the privilege of being a storyteller. Self-expression is a key pillar of individuality, so creating a space that radiates the personality of my clients is extremely rewarding. I create visually captivating environments by weaving together various elements and principles of design, and this impacts the way my clients experience and interact with their surroundings. 





Why interior design? What are you passionate about?

Being a decorator allows me to create a space for a client that encapsulates their personality and vision. I’m passionate about sourcing a range of materials, products, textures, and colours to create a harmonious, balanced interior as well as using different techniques and principles to manage a project from beginning to end. 


Do you have any tips for someone wanting to create a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired home?

Embrace simplicity, functionality, and natural elements. My tip is to  declutter and keep it simple. Allow natural materials to tell their own story. Icon By Design has beautifully handcrafted products – let the items speak for themselves. Additionally, neutral colours will keep your space light and airy.


What is your favourite colour palette?

When it comes to Scandinavian style, I always gravitate towards greens, since the mix of American oak and green is unmatched; it's soft, subtle and has the essence of nature. The warmth of American oak paired with green is clean and timeless.


What is your favourite style?

Personally, I’m more eclectic in style. I like drawing inspiration from various design movements, trends, and styles. I avoid putting myself in a box and love the freedom of drawing inspiration from whatever I like. At the end of the day, your home is an extension of yourself, don’t be afraid to express your personality.


What interior design trends have you noticed in the last 12 months and which ones will endure?

Interior design trends are much like fashion; they come and go. Having said that, a trend that’s continuously rising in Australia is Biophilic design. Biophilic design refers to connecting people to nature within their homes. This is evident through the increased desire for natural and sustainable materials like timber, wool, and stone. Prioritising plants, highlighting outside views, and drawing in natural light is increasingly being emphasised in our homes.


What is your favourite Icon By Design project and why?

I worked with a young marketing professional who had recently moved into her first property. After years of saving, she was finally able to call her own place home. Seeing her excitement and bringing her vision to life was very fulfilling. I was able to collaborate with her on a relatable level which made the outcome so satisfying and memorable.




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