What is a Handmade Cross Loop Wool Rug?

Cross Loop (Berber) rugs are one of the most sumptuous design choices you can make for your home, adding visual interest and gorgeous style in one easy-to-use package. If you’re looking for the right cross loop rug for you, look no further - we have the perfect choice right here!

What Makes the Icon By Design Cross Loop Wool Rug So Special?

Eye-catching rugs help finish the look of a room, creating a cozy space that feels like home. Loop wool rugs are especially great in rooms where you want a warm, luxurious feel, but can easily be adapted to suit any space

What is a Cross Loop Rug?

Cross loop pile rugs, also called Berber rugs, have a distinctive hand-knotted finish that brings gorgeous looks, tempting texture, and a resilient, durable design to the table that still feels great underfoot.

This makes them highly adaptable to any area of the home, but especially great anywhere where you may walk barefooted. If you opt for a low, densely woven loop, you ensure long-term durability without sacrificing the luxurious look. This rug is specifically designed to hold up to foot traffic well, so use it where you please!

Why Buy a Wool Rug?

The Icon By Design Cross Loop Wool Rug is made of pure wool, so you’ll feel the difference the second you touch it.

Mankind has used wool for rugs since time immemorial, because it’s such a fantastic choice. Gentle and soft, yet resilient and stain-proof, it lasts for decades when cared for correctly. With no artificial fibers to create static, fantastic texture, and the gorgeous variation created when you dye natural fiber, this is the gift that keeps on giving beautiful looks to your home.

Handmade for Extra Beauty

Icon By Design brings you this spectacular statement rug direct from the looms of Indian craftsmen. Made with love, care, and attention to detail, it can take up to 6-months to make each piece. So you know you’re receiving only the very best.

The Sustainable Choice

Alongside its unique good looks, this is an eco-friendly rug made with sustainable fabric choices. Not only is wool a robust material, but it’s all-natural and biodegradable too. So if you’re looking to green up your home with quality choices that look great for decades to come, look no further!


Caring for Your Icon By Design Cross Loop Wool Rug

Of course, even the most resilient rug needs a little TLC to keep it looking fresh and sparkling. Regular vacuuming will prevent debris and dirt getting caught in the loops, and keep your home environment clean and fresh too. You can also use a fabric protector on this rug if you choose. 

Remember to rotate your rugs regularly to ensure they wear evenly. As this is a darker natural rug, it's best used away from direct sunlight, which can cause sun bleaching over time. Again, regular rotation helps avoid this in sunnier spaces.

Read more here: Rug Care Guide

What Can I Pair My Icon By Design Cross Loop Wool Rug With?

While a Berber rug suits any part of the home, many of our customers use this as a sleek and modern bedroom rug. Here’s a few great pieces from our collection that match it well.

Pairing #1: Jolanda King-Sized Bed Frame

Add the beauty of Scandinavian design and solid American Oak to your private space with this luxurious bed frame. Simple, but packed with style, it’s got fresh, modern lines and a delicate curve to add softness and comfort to your bedroom.

Pairing #2: Jolanda Two-Drawer Bedside Table

Seal the deal with this sleek and attractive bedside table. With the same soft curve, robust construction, and clean lines that look crisp yet inviting, you’ll soon feel right at home tucking up in bed with your iPad or favorite book.

Pairing #3: Jolanda Chest of Drawers

Keep your intimates intimate in true style! Perfect for a bedroom, but equally as helpful in a living room or office, this sturdy chest of drawers will quickly become an heirloom piece you can’t remember living without.

About Icon By Design

Welcome to Icon By Design, the home of truly unique Mid Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture. We work directly with the craftspeople who make these exquisite pieces, so you’ll never pay inflated prices from middlemen, and you’re directly supporting their skills and innovative ideas.

Keep your home fresh and interesting with classic furniture reinvented for the modern eye. With statement wood pieces to bring class and elegance to your home, you’ll love spending time in your special spaces.

Whether you’re already in love with your Icon By Design Cross Loop Wool Rug, or still shopping for great alternatives, you’ll find everything you need in our online store, so have fun shopping!

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