How To Style The Perfect Mid Century Modern Bedroom

If you're looking to style your bedroom in the mid-century modern design, below we have a guide for you.

Mid-Century Modern

First, what is mid-century modern style? This style is a form of furnishing that was popular in the mid-20th century, well after World War II. There was an influx of German immigrants to America, some of whom were designers. It is because of them that the style emerged in America, and it quickly became one of the more popular designs, so much so that it still remains one of the top choices even today.

There are various characteristics of mid-century modern design, like geometric shapes, function, minimalism, natural materials, and color.

Styling the Bedroom

Styling a bedroom in this style is very simple, and there are plenty of ways to have fun with it.


Nature is a large part of the mid-century modern style, and traditionally many homes and rooms designed with this style Incorporated nature in some way. Sometimes it was through the usage of bare windows, which brought nature close. Other times it was through the scattering of plants and natural pieces within the home, like branches and pine cones.

It's perfectly fine if you don't have a green thumb; you can use nature in your home through other elements, like including a branch over a fireplace. Additionally, you can use fake plants in your home to help achieve the look. Not only does it adhere to the style, but the various colors on the plants will add colorful tones to your home.


Mid-century modern furniture is a mix of both natural materials, like wood, and synthetic materials, like steel and fiberglass. Still, most mid-century modern bedroom furniture is primarily made of wood materials. Various different types of wood are used, so you have different colors to choose from to compliment the style of the room.

Your mid-century modern bed frame should be simple, with clean lines. Since most furniture of this time was raised with hairpin legs, your mid-century wood bed frame should be raised as well; raised furniture helps to make your room look more spacious. A mid-century upholstered bed that is raised can also give you storage space underneath it for any bins you want to keep out of sight.

Incorporate other mid-century modern furniture into your room, like a mid-century armchair; you use it to help include color.


Decor is one of the fun aspects of a mid-century modern styled room. Your decor is what can help you set the tone of your room, and with the decor, you can add color. Mid-century modern style, like other styles of its time, has a key focus on minimalism. Traditionally with the style, any decor would serve a purpose, but since it's your bedroom, you can style it however you want. A warm rug can bring warmth and coziness into a room, and decor like old clocks can give the room a vintage feel.

Wall decor can really make a statement in your room. You can add photographs in frames to your walls to adhere to the mid-century modern characteristic of sleek lines and geometric shapes. Mid-century modern shelving can hold any other decor items you wish to include.


Color is an essential component of any mid-century modern style bedroom. The style uses neutral tones, like white, gray, and black, complemented with earthy, warm tones like rust, maroon, and deep brown. Any other colors are included in accents, pastels, or pops of color.

For walls, neutral tones like white and beige are common, though bold-colored walls were also popular during the time. For your bedroom, you can choose whether you would like to go with neutral tones with color contrasts or bold walls.

To add pops of color into your room, incorporate them with throw pillows, vases, or an accent mid-century furniture like a small chair or ottoman. There are many different ways to play with color in your bedroom, and most colors fit in well with Scandinavian mid-century furniture.


The mid-century modern style tries to rely on natural light as much as possible. It helps set the tone of a space, and for a bedroom, you want it to not only express your style but also help you relax. Lights that are bright can disturb your sleep cycle. During the day, try to use the natural light from your windows as much as possible. If you want to retain your privacy, you can use sheer curtains that will shield your room from you but also allow in enough light.

Have fun when choosing light fixtures. Mid-century modern design sometimes used asymmetrical chandeliers and corner lights that stood up straight and sleek. There are many light fixtures you can choose from; try to be unique when selecting. Don't opt for traditional lighting because it will feel out of place in the mid-century modern style. You can choose a desk lamp, which can sit on a mid-century modern table, or geometric pendant light.

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