Product Spotlight: Otto Dining Table (Walnut)

Rectangular Walnut Dining Table - Otto 

Are you looking for a dining table with a difference? Meet Otto, our solid walnut dining table bringing equal parts playfulness and elegance to your home. With a range of matching walnut dining furniture to make coordinating easy, and a beautiful luster that will easily fit into any home, you’re sure to fall in love.

Initial Concept

A rectangular walnut dining table is a centerpiece of the mid-century home. We’ve cleaned up the lines and brought understated elegance to the table, too. If you want to balance the very best of modern elegance and historic charm, look no further than this classic 8-seater solid American walnut dining table.

Solid Walnut Dining Table


Sourcing of Materials

We use only real walnut and oak wood when crafting our Scandinavian-style furniture. Our wood comes from sustainable forests that are properly managed, ensuring that trees are replaced as they are felled and helping to maintain a carbon-neutral environment. Our pieces are robust, built to last, and a statement investment that will be turning heads for decades to come.

Solid Walnut Dining Table Details


Product Q&A

We’re sure you have some questions about caring for this beautiful solid walnut dining table. Here’s three common questions we are re asked about this gorgeous piece.

Question #1 - Will it match my other walnut furniture?

Part of the beauty of American Walnut is that factors such as where it was sourced from and how it was cut can affect the luster and color. That doesn’t mean it will look mismatched, however. It simply means that you have a natural vibrancy and range of exquisite looks open to you, so you’re sure to be able to feature the Otto Dining Table as an anchor point in your home.

Solid Walnut Furniture

Question #2 - How do I care for my table?

While American Walnut furniture is pretty easy to care for, you do want to avoid placing hot or wet items on the surface. A coaster is great for this! Otherwise, simply give it a weekly dust with a microfiber cloth, and use a wood-specific polish once a month to help reduce UV damage and keep the table shining.

Question #3 - How tall is this rectangular dining table?

The clearance measure for this table is 75cm from floor to base frame. So you should be able to get a wide range of chairs under the table easily, and it’s suitable even for taller people. 

What To Pair With

Are you looking for a Scandinavian dining table with a range you can extend throughout your home? Then look no further. We have other offerings within the design range that are sure to capture and enrapture your heart.

Pairing #1 - Stefan Walnut Dining Chairs

If you don’t already have walnut dining chairs you’d like to use with this table, then look no further than the modern elegance of our Stefan walnut dining chairs. Available in a range of cool, soothing upholstery tones and with an understated elegance you’re sure to love. 

Solid Walnut Dining Chairs


Pairing #2 - The Solid Wood Astrid Dining Chair

Do you love the sleek vibes of walnut dining furniture, and want to extend the collection through your house? This sleek all-walnut design has warmth and vibrancy that will easily extend throughout your home.

Solid Walnut Dining Chair


Pairing #3 - The Fabric Astrid Dining Chair

Love the unique lines of the solid timber Astrid, but want to extend them into a padded chair? With several cool neutrals to choose from, this is a sleek and elegant match that would look as good in a home office as it would in your dining room. Have fun designing!

Solid Walnut Dining Chair

Pairing #4 - The Nestor Dining Chairs

The Nestor Dining Chair is a stylish, comfortable mid-century dining chair that adds a welcoming touch to any dining room. Available in a range of elegant upholstery tones and with understated elegance and comfort you’re sure to love. 

Solid Walnut Dining Chair

Introduction to Icon By Design

At Icon By Design, we don’t think we should spend our brief time on earth making disposable things. So we build our furniture to last a long time, with a focus on natural, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. And we design our furniture to be minimal, elegant and timeless. Because we believe if you build a piece of furniture that is timeless, the moments that happen around it will be timeless as well. The furniture will hold an emotional value, above and beyond the dollar value. We’re not just making furniture, we’re making conversations and moments. We’re making our relationships richer. We’re making our moments more memorable. It’s not a table, it’s Boxing Day 2021. It’s not a media shelf, it’s “Kind of Blue” on a winter’s night. It’s not a chair, it’s the way your daughter sits when studying. Icon By Design isn’t simply a place where quality furniture is created. It’s where stories are made.


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