Product Spotlight: Reno Hand Made Wool Flatwoven Rug

Sustainable, beautiful, eco-friendly, and gorgeous to the eye. It’s the finishing touch every home needs. With a unique design created from understated textural lines, this is a classic rug with a twist that will add sophistication in any setting.

What Makes the IconByDesign Reno Handmade Wool Flat Woven Rug So Special?

Understated luxury with a difference. That’s what this hand woven rug with unique horizontal texture and eye-catching details brings to the table. Tie your other furniture together with a classic elegance you’ll love.

Why Choose a Flatweave Rug?

You create a flat weave rug by interlacing the weft and warp threads. This means you can create a rug with a super-flat profile, unlike with knotted carpets, and gives them a boost in resilience to damage, too. While the Scandinavian rollakans are the best-known flatware rugs in the world, there’s a wealth of beautiful rug styles to explore - like the clean straight lines of the Reno.

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Is Cotton A Good Choice For Rugs?

The IconByDesign Reno Handmade Wool Flat Woven Rug is a dependable and durable rug choice that will fit seamlessly into any home.

While less well-known than wool as a carpeting choice, cotton is versatile and strong, especially in a blend like this, which allows a cleaner, smoother dying process too.

If you’re looking for a rug that can take whatever life dishes out, while looking fantastic, this is the right choice for you. You’ll find less static than with manmade fibers, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas like living and dining rooms, or home offices. Combine luxury with practicality and style today.

The Handmade Touch You’ll Love

A unique home that looks and feels great- with IconByDesign, it’s never been easier to meet your goals! The Reno comes straight to you from the skilled Indian tradespeople who pour months of time and exceptional skill into each piece.

Sustainable Luxury and Comfort

IconByDesign rugs are created to last for decades. While cotton brings robust softness for a foot-friendly feel, you’re still purchasing a fully sustainable and earth-friendly rug, so if you’re trying to make a more sustainable home, look no further.

Treating Your IconByDesign Handmade Wool Flatwoven Rug With Care

Cotton rugs are robust and tough, but they still benefit from TLC to get the very best from them. You can treat your IconByDesign rug with a fabric protector for even better protection, but it’s not essential. Be sure to attend to stains as they happen, however, and vacuum regularly to keep the pile fresh

Remember that there is a bleaching effect from excess sunlight exposure on any fabric, so try to keep your soft furnishings away from direct sunlight. Rotating your rugs regularly, will also help prevent weakend color, and prevent wear and tear patches from marring the vibe, too.

What Can I Pair My IconByDesign Reno Handmade Wool Flatwoven Rug With?

This well-rounded cotton rug will fit seamlessly into any area of your home, bringing grace and warmth in equal amounts. Whether you want a minimalist rug to bring elegance to the bedroom, or something cozy and robust for the living room, it has your back all the way. Why not try out this beautiful trio for size?

Pairing #1: Olivia 3-Seat Sofa

Want the perfect companion to kick off your shoes and lay back in relaxed luxury? It doesn’t come better than the Olivia Couch. A subtle and practical dark granite is elegant, classic, and soothing, making it perfect for the living room.

Pairing #2: Olivia Armchair

Invite guests to join you in your relaxed, comfortable, and luxurious nest with the perfect armchair. Comfortable, deep, and welcoming, the only problem will be getting up again later, you’ll be so cozy!

Pairing #3: Franz Footstool

We know you love your new rug, but sometimes you want to rest your legs a little higher. The Franz footstool is here to help. Comfortable, with clean lines and classic elegance, your home will feel like a yoga retreat with this beauty on hand.

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With no middleman cut to pay, you can keep your budget lean without sacrificing a jot of beauty. Budget-friendly luxury has never looked better. With a statement rug to bring life to the room, and your IconByDesign furniture to capture the eye, you’ll be proud of the home you build.

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