Product Spotlight: Tobias 3 Drawer Bedside Table

The Icon By Design Tobias three drawer bedside table has solid oak used everywhere except on the rear and side panes which are veneered to match the frame. The drawers operate on carved wooden runners to create ease of use and a piece of furniture that will last for decades, if not generations. Designed to hold space for everything you need to have in or on your bedside table, a top and three drawers for additional storage and to hide away items that may detract from your decor or are not needed everyday. 

The Tobias bedside table is also available in a two drawer configuration in solid oak or walnut for a darker wood tone to match your home design. 

Tobias Range

Initial Concept

The initial concept for the Tobias three drawer bedside table was convenience - a beautiful, solid piece of solid timber furniture that provided space for everything you need close at hand in your bedroom, while being stylish too.

The initial idea for the Icon by Design Tobias three drawer bedside table combines form and function with their proud tradition of valuing the authenticity of materials to craft quality furniture, designed for living.

Sourcing of Materials

What to Furnish With?

Create a seamlessly elegant bedroom by combining the Tobias three drawer bedside table with a Tobias tallboy and chest. Furnishing your bedroom with furniture pieces designed to work together will ensure you easily put together a Scandi-inspired room. From there it’s simple to add a bed, linens, rugs. lighting and accessories which provide texture, layers and even colours to build a comfortable space for rest and relaxation. 

Product Pairing: Tobias Tallboy

Extra storage is always a fantastic idea in a bedroom - somewhere to keep off-season clothing and even extra bed linen - which is why the Tobias Tallboy is the perfect pairing with a Tobias three drawer bedside table. All the wearing and structural components of this item are made from solid timber making this product far stronger, heavier and of a much higher quality than others available on the market. The inset handles are designed to streamline the piece and ensure there’s no accidental catching on handles as you move around the bedroom. The height of the tallboys adds interest and is in keeping with the Scandi design style, while the different sized drawers ensure there’s space for everything and provides a unique look.

The Tobias tallboy is available in seven or nine drawer configurations. 

Tobias 9 Drawer Chest

Product Pairing: Tobias Chest

Another fantastic bedroom storage option which works seamlessly with the Tobias three drawer bedside table is the Tobias chest. Again with inset handles and different sized drawers, a Tobias chest is also made of solid oak timber meaning it will accommodate your possessions for decades and even from home to home. 

The Tobias chest is available in six, eight and nine drawer configurations. 

Tobias Range

Introduction to Icon By Design

At Icon By Design, we don’t think we should spend our brief time on earth making disposable things. So we build our furniture to last a long time, with a focus on natural, sustainable materials and craftsmanship. And we design our furniture to be minimal, elegant and timeless. Because we believe if you build a piece of furniture that is timeless, the moments that happen around it will be timeless as well. The furniture will hold an emotional value, above and beyond the dollar value. We’re not just making furniture, we’re making conversations and moments. We’re making our relationships richer. We’re making our moments more memorable. It’s not a table, it’s Boxing Day 2021. It’s not a media shelf, it’s “Kind of Blue” on a winter’s night. It’s not a chair, it’s the way your daughter sits when studying. Icon By Design isn’t simply a place where quality furniture is created. It’s where stories are made.


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