Pre-ordering gives you exclusive access to an even better price. By placing your order before your item has reached our warehouse, you’ll swap immediate delivery for a generous 20% discount.

  • We proudly work directly with the craftspeople who make our furniture. Because of this we’re able to create even more efficiencies with warehousing and storage, which we pass directly to you.

  • Part of our IconByDesign ethos is ensuring our heirloom-quality furniture is affordable. We consolidate your order with other customers who have pre-ordered the same item. We can then unlock bulk pricing with our furniture makers.

  • Your upfront payment ensures we don’t need to source trade finance, avoiding borrowing and paying interest.

  • What’s the difference between Pre-Ordered and Buy Now products?

    They’re exactly the same, the only difference is the delivery date. Buy Now ships within 2 days and delivers within 1-3 weeks depending on your location.

  • Can I cancel a Pre-Order?

    All Pre-Orders are placed at the time of payment and made to order especially for you. When placing a pre-order, you’re receiving a 20% discount in exchange for your commitment. Pre-orders cannot be cancelled.

  • Can I upgrade a Pre-Order to Buy Now after placing an order?

    If we have available stock of the item - yes! Contact our team and we can look into this.

  • When will my Pre-Order arrive?

    You’ll receive an estimated date of arrival into Australia. Once the goods arrive at our warehouse we will make contact to let you know when your IconByDesign goods will arrive at their new home.