5 Benefits of Oak Dining Chairs

Selecting dining chairs can be challenging, especially if you already have a table in mind. While it may be difficult to choose a good option to match this table, oak dining chairs are up to the task.

What is Oak Wood?

Oak is a hardwood that is very strong and has been used for thousands of years. Oak has a unique grain pattern, which is derived from the rings of the tree. There are many different varieties of oak trees, and oak is one of the more common tree species found within the northern hemisphere. Some oak trees are deciduous while others are evergreen, but the two main types of oak are white and red, and these are the two types that are commonly used in furniture making.

Oak trees can have an average lifespan of 150 to 250 years but have been known to live well past 1,000 years.

Five Benefits

Oakwood is used for many interior and exterior projects, but the material is more commonly used in the creation of furniture pieces. One of the common pieces of furniture is oak dining chairs, which are sturdy and beautiful.

There are many different benefits that come with owning oak dining chairs, and below we have outlined five.


Unlike other types of wood and synthetic materials, oak is low maintenance. Oak dining chairs are simple to take care of; short term, they only need the occasional dusting. Though most oak is water resistant, any spills on oak dining chairs should be cleaned up as soon as possible because the water can stain the chair when left on too long.

Most oak dining chairs are protected against humidity and heat because of their water-resistant properties, but it's still a good idea to keep them away from humidity and strong sources of heat. To keep your oak dining chairs from potentially warping or swelling, place them in rooms with normal humidity and a good distance away from heat vents and fireplaces. In the typical home, this shouldn't be difficult.

Over time, furniture can fade and break, and the same goes for oak dining chairs. Fortunately, there are simple things to do to maintain their glossy looks. If an oak dining chair has been stained, it should be polished at least twice a year, an action that takes only a few minutes. And while oak dining chairs can be scratched, a simple sanding down can fix the problem.

Compared to other materials, like metals that rust, oak dining chairs are very easy to maintain.


Oak is one of the strongest wood materials to use in furniture, and it contributes to the strength and support of a piece of furniture. Oak is a kind of tree that grows very slowly, so the rings within the tree are tightly concentrated, an aspect that only increases the strength of the wood.

A potential problem that comes with all wooden furniture is mold, fungus, and insects. They can eat away at the structure of the furniture and reduce its lifespan. Traditional oak dining chairs and modern oak dining chairs still retain the high levels of tannins that oak trees contain, which makes the wood resistant to these factors.


One of the great things about oak is the different natural shades to choose from. And no two oak pieces are the same; oak has varying rings and knots that are unique to each tree, and this uniqueness is expressed in the furniture built from it. 

Not only is there a variety of different shades, but there are many different stains that can bring vibrant colors to the oak. When you purchase oak dining chairs, you can rest assured that your pieces are unique. And if you want to pair the oak dining chairs with other furniture, they go great with oak living room furniture.

Oak is Appealing

Oak provides a certain warmth to your home, and it provides an appeal that other materials just don't. Not only that, but solid oak dining chairs are very versatile; they can fit in with other furniture and any theme or style you are trying to achieve, whether it be rustic, mid-century, solid oak furniture, or modern design furniture. The oak is very pretty on its own, but you can also stain it to achieve different looks. 


Oak dining chairs have value; not only is oak strong with longer longevity, but each piece is unique and different from the others. Short-term, some oak dining chairs may be more costly than other options, which may be tempting; many oak pieces are hand-crafted, which is why they cost more. However, because oak requires such little maintenance and care, it is actually a better investment long term. Oak dining chairs can last a very long time and require fewer replacements than other furniture options.

Natural oak dining chairs have many long-term benefits, and they and other oak furniture will serve your family well for years to come.

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