Giving Back By Design

Arriving to the Icon By Design that you know today has been a journey of many challenges and great transformation that has taught us many important lessons along the way.

One of the most rewarding discoveries we have made is the power of continually investing in the people and communities that have helped us grow and flourish.

When we started, we knew that we wanted to provide a premium product for great value with unparalleled customer service. What we have learnt is that our impact has the power to create global and local positive change too.

Sustainability Is One Of The Defining Qualities Of Icon By Design.

Giving Back By Design

On a global level, we invest in high quality materials, produced in a sustainable way. The forests that your table, chair or entertainment unit come from, are FSC certified, which means that we invest back into the forests for future generations. The craftsman ship is worked in overseas factories where there no child labour practices are employed. As a family owned business, this was deeply important for father and son duo, David and Adam Light.

Icon By Design, In Store Experience Was Launched In the Supacenta In Moore Park In July 2016.

Giving Back By Design

The in store experienced opened the company to their customers as they embraced the local community. Icon By Design have launched the beginning of a series of local campaigns that embrace local charities which are creating positive change for their communities. Giving Back campaigns.

We also invest in showcasing hand-picked, local designers and emerging artists for all our in store accessories. Creating lasting partnerships with talented artists, working together to grow small businesses such as Hannah Nolan.

Because We Live Today But Care For Tomorrow… It’s Simple.

Giving Back By Design

For the month of October, we are embracing the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We will be donating $44 from every purchase made during the month of October.

In Australia, 44 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. We love the women who shop with Icon By Design. We’re embracing those women and everyone touched by breast cancer, by donating $44 from every purchase made with us. By raising awareness and funds to support research that works towards reaching their goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. We think that is awesome!

Thank you for helping and working with us to make positive change for those around us and for the future too. Stay in touch [email sign up] and we’ll let you know about our upcoming Giving Back campaign supporting our communities.

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