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Uncover the Elegance and Longevity of Oak Dining Tables 

IconByDesign’s solid oak dining tables are made to be timeless to honour the longevity of the noble oak tree. The style of each oak table and solid wood furniture piece is inspired by Scandinavian and Mid-Century design principles, focusing on elegance and functionality. Any table you buy will elevate your dining space and serve your household for generations.


Dining Tables Meticulously Crafted from Solid Oak

At IconByDesign, we only use sustainably harvested solid wood to craft our tables. Unlike furniture made from engineered wood, which is a man-made material that is created by using adhesives to bind wood strands or fibres together, our tables are made from solid oak - a natural material milled directly from oak trees.

This gives the oak dining tables a consistent internal structure all the way through, making them extremely durable and strong. On top of that, each table embraces artisanal craftsmanship, so your oak table will easily last decades.. If the strength and craftsmanship weren’t enough, oak has antibacterial properties and is naturally hypoallergenic, making oak tables the perfect fit for any home.

Besides longevity, oak is also prized for its unique aesthetic. Each solid oak dining table will have a unique variance in tone and a distinctive wood grain pattern, reflecting the tree it was created from.


Experience the Strength & Durability of American Oak Dining Tables

American oak refers to many varieties of hardwoods from the Quercus genus, with American white oak being one of the most popular. This species of oak is highly acclaimed for its density and strength, making it remarkably durable and resistant to decay. In fact, its structure allows it to be used for more than just high-end furniture, but also boat building, architectural joinery, railway construction, and timber bridges. 

While solid American oak is hard and heavy, it maintains impressive workability, increasing its popularity for premium residential fixtures. Therefore, our solid oak dining tables boast the desired properties of pure natural American oak and the stunning craftsmanship of artisans, with an affordable price tag.

Why is American Oak furniture a ‘Cut Above The Rest’? 

Compared to other popular oak species like Tasmanian oak, American oak, especially white oak, tends to be harder and more resistant to wear and tear. While both are considered very durable and both are commonly used to create high-end furniture, American oak has a higher density, making it one of the most desired solid woods.

Visually, Tasmanian oak has a more subtle, generally straight grain, which gives it a paler colour palette compared to other oak species. American oak on the other hand, often showcases more variations with small knots and mineral streaks, making it highly sought after for its character and unique visual charm.


How To Care for a Solid Oak Dining Table?

Caring for a solid oak dining table is simple and involves just a few key steps to maintain its beauty and longevity:

Regular Cleaning: Wipe the table surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and spills. Avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaning agents that can damage the wood.

Avoid Excessive Moisture: Keep the dining table away from direct sunlight and moisture-prone areas to prevent warping or discoloration. Use coasters or placemats to protect the surface from hot or wet items.

Protect it from Scratches: Place felt pads or tablecloth under objects to prevent scratches from dishes, cutlery, or decorative items. Avoid dragging items across the table surface.

Periodic Polishing: Apply light oak furniture polish specifically formulated for wood surfaces to enhance its natural shine and provide protection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and avoid using silicone-based products.

Temperature and Humidity Control: Maintain a stable indoor environment with moderate temperature and humidity levels to prevent wood expansion or contraction. Use a humidifier or dehumidifier if necessary.

Handling with Care: Lift and move the table rather than dragging it to avoid stressing the joints and legs. Seek professional assistance if disassembling or moving the table is required.


Choose Your Ideal Oak Dining Table

Choose the solid oak dining table that perfectly suits your dining room. We offer:

You can request a free timber sample to feel the quality of the material for yourself, schedule a video consultation to see what the finished product looks like and have your questions answered, and place your order online - we deliver Australia-wide. However, if you have the time, we invite you to visit our Sydney or Melbourne showroom to truly experience the magnificence of a solid wood oak table in person.

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Is oak a good wood for dining tables?

Oak is generally considered an excellent choice for dining tables and dining furniture in general. It is known for its durability, strength, and longevity. Oak has a beautiful grain pattern and a natural resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for everyday use in dining settings. Additionally, oak can be finished in various ways, allowing for different styles and finishes to match different interior design preferences.           

Is an oak table heavy?

Oak tables and oak dining chairs tend to be heavier compared to dining furniture made from some other woods or materials. Oak is a dense and solid wood, which contributes to its durability but also adds weight. The weight of an oak table can vary depending on its size, thickness, and construction.                                 

Is oak furniture dated?

Oak has been used as a solid timber furniture base for centuries, so it is considered a classic and timeless choice. The appearance and style of oak furniture can be influenced by design trends, finishes, and craftsmanship. Contemporary designs and finishes can give oak furniture a modern and stylish look, ensuring it remains relevant and attractive in different decor styles.