If there were no tigers in the world, how would you describe one? Try to imagine explaining it to your grandchildren. Imagine explaining that they used to live in forests, but then having to explain what a forest was, because they don’t exist anymore either. Imagine living in a world with no trees, and with air so thick that you have to wear a protective mask whenever you leave your house.

Sustainably Sourced Timber

Right now, this might sound like the stuff of science fiction novels, but unfortunately it’s much closer to becoming reality than any of us would like to think. At Icon By Design, we want to make sure those what-ifs stay hypothetical, which is why we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact. By playing our part in protecting and preserving the planet, we can make sure the world we leave to our children is one we’re proud of.

We work with selected suppliers to keep damaging materials out of our products. We only use sustainably sourced oak and walnut from forests in America. We’ve selected the wood for its quality and longevity, and by sourcing it from sustainably harvested forests, we can make sure that our impact is minimised.

We don’t buy into fast fashion now, because we know it’s a debt that will be repaid by future generations. The rise in disposable materials has come at a high cost. One study that looked at carbon efficiency in furniture found that a chest of drawers built in 1830 would, on average, be 16 times as efficient as one built today. Flat-packs have also become an increasing cause for concern since the DIY and home improvement trend took off in the 80s. The constant assembly and dismantling of furniture weakens the wood and often makes it impossible to reuse.

Low-quality materials often break down with wear and tear, meaning that they soon need to be replaced – requiring further manufacturing and driving up the carbon footprint of the companies that use them. Some materials carry an even higher environmental price tag. For example, veneered MDF is difficult to recycle or reuse, so much of it ends up piled up in landfills. Particleboard is similarly difficult to dispose of – when burnt, it releases toxic chemicals into the air. In fact, even when it’s not burning, it can release gases into the environment as it’s often made with resins like urea formaldehyde.

By making sure our woods come from sustainably sourced forests in the USA, we can make sure that our pieces are as perfect for the planet as they are for your home. By working together with farmers, designers and suppliers, we can make sure that the beauty of today isn’t borrowed against the beauty of tomorrow.

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