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Guided by the principles of sustainability, timelessness and quality craftsmanship, Icon By Design takes pride in the fact that we use solid American oak and walnut timber to craft our products – and the quality speaks for itself. So, if you’re after a makeover for your dining or living room, office, if your bedroom needs a fresh update, or if you want tables, seating or extra storage that stands out, we strongly suggest you choose solid timber furniture. Here’s why...

At Icon By Design, we know that nothing beats the warmth, richness and sheer beauty of natural wood. Unlike veneers and chipboard that bend and bow as the years wear on, solid timber gets better with time. The bulk of our furniture is built using solid wood. If veneered furniture gets damaged, it usually can't be repaired, which means it gets put out for your local Council clean up since it doesn’t last very long. Solid timber, on the other hand, is naturally hard wearing, which makes it more cost effective and sustainable in the long run. The typical life of a solid wood item is ten to fifteen times longer than that of a veneered wood item. The manufacture of solid wood furniture is also very clean and a sustainable process.

We do use engineered woods where the design requires it. An example is our affordable Jonas range. We have used engineered woods these bookshelves because their simple open construction needs the stability that engineered wood provides. All our other products are made from solid American oak or walnut.

When you buy an Icon By Design product, every knot in the wood tells a story; every piece is designed to convey its inherent simplicity and strength; every item speaks of integrity, timeless design and refined elegance. What’s more, we used sustainably sourced solid timber so that your furniture has minimal impact on the environment.

Solid timber lends itself beautifully to the design and creation of our furniture – whether it’s the Jolanda bed made from American oak in your bedroom, a stunning walnut Magnus dining table in your open plan living, the Plank armchair in your lounge or a set of Jensen barstools around your kitchen island. Let us make your house a home with solid timber furniture that’s your forever furniture.

Browse our range of affordable solid timber furniture available online or in our Melbourne & Sydney stores; with home delivery Australia wide.

Which wood is best for furniture?

Solid timber is naturally hard wearing, which makes it more cost effective and sustainable than veneer in the long run. Solid timber offers greater durability, more strength and is typically easier to maintain.

How long does solid timber furniture last?

The solid oak and walnut timber we use for our furniture range is sustainably sourced. Oak & Walnut timber’s innate durability means it can withstand the test of time for generations to come, offering a timeless quality that cannot be replicated. Because of our commitment to primarily use solid oak or walnut and only working with skilled craftsmen, we’re able to create pieces that are great value in both the long term and short. The advantage of solid timber furniture is its longevity and is often referred to as a timeless furniture substance.

Where can I buy Australian solid timber furniture?

You will find Icon By Design’s affordable range of solid timber furniture pieces including tables, chairs, storage furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, home office furniture and dining room furniture for sale online. There are various shipping options available Australia wide. Our showrooms are open 7 days a week so whenever you’re ready … so are we.

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