There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a rug. The texture, the fibers, colours, size and patterns…but don’t forget about the placement of the rug. The rug is a piece that can really highlight and bring the entire room to life. Placing it at the right spot can transform the dynamics of the room in a pleasing way. We’ve created this rug placement guide to help you visualise where and how you can place your new handcrafted rug.

The Living Room

The living room is generally the biggest space and an integral part of most homes. Therefore, the theme and size of the rug that is to sit in this space needs to not just match the decor but also be large enough to go under the furniture. If the rug is too small, it leads to what is termed as the “floating island” phenomenon, which makes the room feel smaller and colder. As a standard but not as rule, the rug should be at least 10cm under the feet of the furniture. The rug does not need to go wall to wall, try to leave a gap of about 30cm between the wall and the rug.

The Dining Room

Introducing a dining room rug can make the space feel stylish yet comfortable. The rug should go under all the furniture. The chairs must sit on the rug this will ensure that the rug does not trip anyone, or make the chairs unstable. Round rugs paired with round tables create a harmonised vibe. Round rugs also work well in small spaces. At least 60cm of the rug should show around all sides of the dining room table.

The Bedroom

A soft, comfortable rug to step into, when you roll out of bed can put a smile on your face. The placement of the rug in a bedroom needs careful consideration. Ideally, at least two thirds of the rug should fit under the bed, and around 90cm should be allowed around the sides of the bed, so you can step onto it. You can play around with placing the bedside tables beneath the rug or placing the rug just under the bed.