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Elevate Your Dining Room with a Solid Walnut Dining Table

At IconByDesign, we design and create iconic solid walnut dining tables that provide more than a touch of nobility to any space. Our solid wood furniture is inspired by Scandinavian and Mid-Century design styles, which means that our walnut tables blend functionality and elegance in equal measure. If you are searching for a table that will elevate each dining experience and serve your household for generations, a walnut dining table could be the perfect choice. 


Walnut Tables Crafted by Master Artisans from Sustainable Timber

When it comes to furniture, we do not believe in taking the easy route. First and foremost, our walnut dining tables are crafted only from sustainably sourced American hardwood. The timber is selected for its longevity and quality and we work with carefully selected suppliers to provide the best foundation for crafting premier furniture. This approach enables us to create only solid wood furniture. 

We do not use engineered wood, the man-made material created by binding wood particles and fibres with different adhesives. Thus, our solid walnut dining tables have the same internal structure all the way through, making them exceptionally strong and durable, in addition to sharing the antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties of other natural materials. On top of that, the tables are not mass-produced but crafted by master artisans. 

The combination of premier materials and expert craftsmanship allows us to create walnut dining tables that can easily last decades. 

The Properties of American Walnut Dining Tables

Solid walnut dining tables share many characteristics of other solid wood furniture; namely, strength, durability, and longevity. However, American walnut dining tables also have some unique properties that are not found in other types of wood. American walnut is more resistant to rotting and bending than other types of hardwood, so walnut tables are an excellent choice if you live in a humid climate. 

American walnut dining tables are also known for their unique aesthetic. The colour of American walnut wood can range all the way from pale yellow and rich white to dark brown. It depends on the part of the tree that the furniture is made from - the sapwood, the outer parts, are lighter in colour, while the heartwood, the inner parts, have rich darker colours. 

Our American walnut dining tables are primarily made from heartwood, giving them a rich, darker tone. Walnut also has a relatively straight grain pattern, offering a sensation of consistency and elegance but with enough waves or curls to make each walnut table unique. Finally, walnut stains well to other colours, allowing for variations based on design.


Choose the Perfect Fit

Different types of walnut dining tables may suit your preferences and dining room layout, so we provide:

Design Your Ideal Dining Room

The walnut dining table you choose can be the centrepiece of the room and you can complement it with solid wood dining chairs, cabinets & sideboards, benches, or even barstools. You can also use our dining room set builder to design your ideal dining room and save at least 20%! 

Order your walnut dining table online and we will ship it to your address or visit one of our showrooms in Melbourne or Sydney if you wish to see the quality of our furniture in person. If you can’t get in to a showroom, we offer video consultations and free material samples to help you build confidence in our range. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us and we will help you in any way we can.