What is a Hand Braided Jute Rug?

A handwoven statement rug brings eye-catching style and just a hint of glamor to any home. But our iconic Hand Braided Jute Rug adds sophistication, artisanal craftsmanship, and sustainable beauty to the mix, too. It’s the perfect match for any home.

What Makes the Icon By Design Hand Braided Jute Rug So Special?

Without the right rug to pull a room together, even the best decor can look unfinished and cold. Luckily for you, Icon By Design have sourced some of the very best handmade rugs to help you find your perfect match.

Why Choose a Braided Rug?

If you’re looking for a one-off unique rug, but with uniformity and consistency, then hand braided at the quality offered by Icon By Design is perfect for you. Our handbraided jute rugs are backed, ensuring a long lifespan, consistent shape, and perceptible structure that’s tough and durable.

We’ve added a little wool to the mix to bring a neutral palette that fits in easily to any space, while keeping the rug natural and contemporary in design. If you’re looking for timeless elegance with a little twist, you’re sure to fall in love with this jute rug.

Why Use a Jute Rug?

Wool rugs have always been popular, but why choose jute? Sometimes called the ‘golden fiber’, it’s another natural and ethically produced fabric that brings a stiffer, yet welcoming and foot-friendly, texture to the table.

Warm, beautiful, and with a touch of understated glamor that’s hard to beat, it introduces a novel look to your home you’ll fast fall in love with. We’ve included a cotton backing to the rug to ensure it’s light on the underlying floor and sits securely, maintaining its shape through the years.

Handmade Better Than Ever

Icon By Design works with skilled Indian craftspeople to create a curated rug collection that delivers where it counts and looks great too. Handmade rugs ensure there’s something special to every piece, and offers a unique way to style your home.

Naturally Better

Both wool and jute are natural, ethical materials that ensure a sustainable rug you can believe in. Static reduction is built in, and it just looks great too! So if you’re trying to support eco-friendly manufacturers, but still want a beautiful home, there’s no better choice.


Caring for Your Icon By Design Hand Braided Jute Rug

Jute and wool are robust fibers that will take anything you throw at them. But adding a fabric protector to your new purchase gives it the edge when it comes to busting stains and avoiding dirt. Other than that, a weekly vacuum will ensure the texture stays free of debris and keep everything looking and smelling great.

To get the longest possible lifespan from your rug, rotate it at least annually. This helps avoid patchy wear-and-tear. Jute is less prone to UV damage then some fabrics, but it’s always smart to keep your textiles away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching from the sun.

Read more here: Rug Care Guide

What Can I Pair My Icon By Design Hand Braided Jute Rug With?

This stand-out rug will catch the eye no matter where you use it, but we know you want a little inspiration. Why not try out this light, neutral dining room set-up for yourself?

Pairing #1: Oscar Round Glass Dining Table

Like your jute rug, this stand-out dining table brings classic style with a fresh, modern twist. Light and breezy, it has tropical vibes that will make any dining room feel like part of your very own private villa. Solid oak in pale blonde seals the deal.

Pairing #2: Astrid Solid Oak Dining Chairs

Meet a match made in heaven to your stunning new rug and dining table! This modern twist on a classic dining room chair set will have guests' jaws on the floor- where they can admire your classy rug, too.

Pairing #3: Tobias 8-Drawer Chest 

Bureaus in heavy woods can look dated in the wrong space, but that’s never a worry with this solid oak 8-drawer chest-style cabinet. Clean lines and modern elegance make a light and attractive, but practical, dining room companion that will keep your home clean and organized.

About Icon By Design

Welcome to the home of Mid Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture with a twist! Backed by exquisite craftsmanship, every item in our curated collection has casual elegance and time-tested style.

Because we cut out the middlemen and deal directly with the skilled craftspeople who create our pieces, we can offer you fantastic savings on quality furniture, too. 

Take the Icon By Design Hand Braided Jute Rug home today, and reinvent your home your way. We’re sure you’ll love the results!


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