Why choose a Handmade Basket Weave Wool Rug?

Every home needs a sleek statement rug that draws the room together with grace and style. Our Handmade Basket Weave Wool Rug offers a clean, neutral look that stands out from the crowd and creates an elegant base to decorate any room.

What Makes the Icon By Design Basket Weave Wool Rug So Special?

An eye-catching rug that doesn’t overwhelm your other furniture, but instead ties it together, helps to create a sense of the room, give it personality, and even showcase the floor around it to its best. It’s the perfect way to unify your decor and keep a sleek, elegant look you’ll fall in love with every day. 

Why Choose Basket Weave?

Basket Weave has all the simplicity of a standard woven rug, but uses two (or more) yarns to create a subtly elegant effect. This gives a contemporary look with intriguing texture, without overwhelming other, more colorful, elements in the room.

Basket weaves are soft and relaxed, without the strict formality of some other rug designs. Without a notable pattern, they fit easily into any space, allowing you to build the room around them without overwhelming it. This makes them fantastic in smaller areas, but they still have the gravitas to fill up a larger room, too. With the touch-me texture and a little variety added by the double yarns, they’re a versatile rug you can use anywhere.

Are Wool Rugs Good?

The Icon By Design Basket Weave Wool Rug has a soft cotton backing that makes it suitable for any flooring, but especially great on wooden floors you don’t want to scratch or scuff.

Wool has been used for floor coverings since deep in history because it's natural, gentle, but stain-resistant and able to hold up to wear-and-tear. It feels great to touch, with all the softness of wool, and is less prone to static than artificial fibers.

This statement rug is blended with a robust polyester to help give extra longevity, consistent colour, and a texture you’ll love, no matter what room you use it in

Adding the Handmade Touch

This two-toned rug isn’t made in a factory churning them out every day. It’s the result of decades of craftsmanship from skilled Indian tradespeople, so every piece has its own unique character and visual appeal. It can take up to 6-months for each rug to move from the loom to your living room, and you’ll feel that care and attention to detail every time you step on it.

The Earth-Kind Difference

If you’re looking for sustainable flooring that looks great and leaves a small footprint on the earth, look no further. Wool is a renewable resource, biodegradable, and can even be recycled when the rug comes to the end of its natural life. Not that that will be soon! Icon By Design’s flooring is designed to last for decades, not years, letting you step outside of the ‘fast fashion’ decor cycle, too.

Because each rug is handmade, there’s natural variation in texture and dye, giving each piece its own personality. This unique rug is made in a versatile light gray, with dark variations introduced by the weave. It can easily be the cornerstone of a minimalist room, or a neutral backdrop for a sumptuous space.

Caring for Your Icon By Design Basket Weave Wool Rug

How can you ensure your rug looks great for decades to come? We advise regularly turning the rug. This helps distribute wear evenly, and avoids staining from day-to-day use. It’s also a good idea to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. UV rays are harsh and can contribute to sun bleaching on your furnishings. 

Be sure to vacuum your handmade rug regularly, and attend to stains as soon as you can, and you’ll have a piece you can treasure for years to come.

Read more here: Rug Care Guide 

What Can I Pair My Icon By Design Basket Weave Wool Rug With?

This little beauty will fit in anywhere, but how can you show it off to its best potential? Here’s just a few scintillating ideas from the Icon-By-Design collection.

Pairing #1: Bastian Solid Oak Desk

Make a statement, and furnish your home office with this commanding, yet slimline, solid oak desk. Clean lines and solid construction ensure you look professional at all times, without sacrificing comfort or style.

Pairing #2: Stefan Chair in Graphite Grey

Bring out the grey hues in your brand new statement rug with this complementary solid oak chair. It will fit in perfectly to any office (or make a compelling statement at the dining table). With clean lines, and comfortable style, you’ll look great and feel even better. Never worry about Zoom calls again!

Pairing #3: Olivia Modular Shelves

Finish the perfect home office with this solid-oak modular shelf. Keep everything you need close at hand and convenient, without letting drab industrial vibes creep into your personal space. With novel styling and practical value, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without it!

About Icon By Design

We offer only the best Mid Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture. Every piece on offer has unique style and graceful lines that will complement any home.  As we connect you straight to the craftsmen whose love and skill shape these pieces, you’re free of middle-men markups and cookie-cutter, boring design. Without middlemen, we’re able to keep the price low, but the quality sky-high. We hope we’ve inspired you with our product pairings, but remember- there’s a whole catalog of exceptional wood furniture to explore, too!

With the Icon By Design Basket Weave Wool Rug in your cart, the decor world is your oyster. Make the perfect match, and fall in love with your home all over again.


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