All you need to know about a Hand Woven Fisheye Wool Rug

Gorgeous, sustainable, eco-friendly, and spectacular on the eye. It’s exactly what your home needs to add that finishing touch. With a unique fisheye design, this is a rug with classic cool overtones that will look sophisticated in any setting.

What Makes the Icon By Design Hand Woven Fisheye Wool Rug So Special?

Add understated luxury to your home with a hand woven rug that has unique, eye-catching details and the touch of elegance you need to tie your other furniture together and create a gorgeous look you’ll love.

Why Choose Fisheye?

Fisheye makes an artisanal rug that’s durable and robust, with a flat, solid pile profile that’s comfortable on the feet and won’t pick up dirt easily. The distinctive round ‘balls’ in the pile attract immediate attention, but won’t distract unduly from the rest of the room.

Is Wool A Good Choice For Rugs?

The Icon By Design Hand Woven Fisheye Wool Rug is a durable rug that will fit right into your home.

Wool carpets have become iconic for their durability and robust nature, while cutting down on the dust-attracting static of man made fabrics. Provided you attend to stains timeously, this rug will last you decades, not mere years. It’s the perfect choice for home offices, living rooms, or anywhere else you want luxury with a touch of practicality.

The Ultimate Handmade Touch

Everyone wants a unique home- and with Icon By Design, it’s never been easier to achieve! We work directly with the skilled Indian tradespeople who lavish months of skill and training into each rug. It may have taken up to six months to create each piece!

Earth-Kind Luxury at your Toe Tips!

Icon By Design rugs are designed to last for decades, not years. With the robust softness of wool to provide a delightful sensory experience, this rug is fully sustainable and earth-kind, so if you’re looking for a sustainable home furnishing solution, look no further.


Caring for Your Icon By Design Hand Woven Fisheye Wool Rug

Wool rugs are tough and robust, but they still need some TLC. You can treat your Icon By Design rug with a fabric protector for extra longevity, but it’s not essential. Be sure to vacuum regularly, and attend to stains as they occur.

To minimize the bleaching effect from excess sunlight, try to keep all soft furnishings out of the way of direct sunlight. If you turn your rugs regularly, this will also help offset color variation, and prevent wear patches from occurring, too.

Read our Rug Care Guide for more details. 

What Can I Pair My Icon By Design Hand Woven Fisheye Wool Rug With?

This exquisite rug will suit any part of your home, but it makes a particular statement in home office environments, where you want a chic blend of warmth and professionality. If you’re looking to establish a home office setup anyone could be proud of, why not add these other Icon By Design pieces to the mix?

Pairing #1: Bastian Office Desk

With the look of a traditional power desk, but modern lines and a minimalist heart, this is the perfect desk to pair to your new rug. Soon, you’ll be racing to your desk in the morning just to feel fantastic.

Pairing #2: Nestor Solid Oak Chair

Net yourself a powerful perch and bring the boss vibes you’ve been looking for. With leather upholstery for an added touch of luxury, and an understated, unique a-frame side, you’ll feel like royalty sitting on this beauty for your Zoom calls.

Pairing #3: Svend Sideboard Cabinet

Seal the deal, and create stylish storage solutions that look fantastic and will help you stay organized and focused on the job at hand. In sleek dark walnut, this is a classic piece that will take everything you throw at it.

About Icon By Design

Look no further for modern Mid Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture that screams elegance. Our collection is packed with sustainable, high-end oaks and walnuts that fit seamlessly into a range of rooms and styles. If you want longevity and timeless grace, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

We work directly with the craftspeople who bring these beautiful pieces to life, leaving us free to pass the savings on to our loyal customers, too. Luxury on a budget has never been easier to achieve, so don’t be shy- explore the collection today. With your new statement rug to add warmth and comfort to the room, pair it up with whatever you’d like- a home you love is right at hand.

If you have any more questions about our stunning rug collection, read our Rug FAQs here

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