What makes a Hand Woven Wool Rug so special?

Sustainable, gorgeous, ethical, and handmade. It’s the perfect combination for a statement rug. Powered by artisanal skill, and crafted just for your home, this knockout handmade wool rug will wow visitors and make an impact wherever you use it.

What Makes the Icon By Design Hand Woven Wool Rugs So Special?

A house isn’t a home without a cozy rug to unite the room. Whether it’s wiggling your bare toes in front of the fireplace after a long day, or making sure your decor looks like a spread from a magazine, a handmade rug that exudes craftsmanship and class is the perfect finishing touch.

Why Choose Hand Woven?

Artisanal rugs are more than just a floor covering. They make a statement about your home- and when that’s a thick and luxurious, hand-woven wool rug like this, that statement is cozy luxury. With tons of character and texture, and a range of beautiful colors used in the yarn for extra depth, you’ll fall in love again and again. 

With a neutral pallet, it fits seamlessly into any room, while the dense profile makes walking on it feel like a dream. Set off with a thick loop-textured weave for added durability and comfort, it’s an outstanding choice for any home

Is Wool Good For Rugs?

Icon By Design's Hand Woven Wool Rugs includes a durable cotton backing, giving a little extra grip and protection for your underlying floor.

Wool has been a staple of the carpeting industry for centuries, combining stain resistance, durability, and great feel. Less prone to static, even in a blend, it feels wonderful to touch and looks fantastic.

These rugs use robust polyester to maintain the luxury of wool, but give your new carpet added longevity, more consistent color, and add depth to the texture. They will suit any room, but is especially great for living rooms and spaces you spend a lot of time in.

The Glamorous Handmade Touch

We’re all unique, and our homes should be, too! When you buy a handmade rug from Icon By Design, you’re supporting craftspeople using time-trusted techniques directly, helping to keep a rich tradition alive. Plus, every piece has its own character, ensuring a true one-of-a-kind statement rug for your home.

Be Kind to the Earth

We all want to reduce the footprint we leave on the earth. Wool is a biodegradable fabric that’s ethical to produce and fully sustainable. It’s also built to last, so you can love your rug for decades to come. By breaking free of the ‘fast fashion’ interior decorating cycle and investing in sustainable pieces made to high standards, you can love your home and the planet too.

Caring for Your Icon By Design Hand Woven Wool Rug

While wool rugs are naturally durable, a little TLC can keep them looking brand new through the years to come. All our rugs can be treated with a fabric protector for added longevity and stain resistance. A thorough vacuuming will help keep them clean and free of damaging debris.

We also advise you to turn your rug at regular intervals. This helps distribute the heaviest wear, and ensure your rug ages well. Remember to keep soft furnishings out of direct sunlight whenever possible, to ensure UV rays don’t bleach the color with time.

Read more about Rug Care here.

What Can I Pair My Icon By Design Hand Woven Wool Rug With?

This exquisite rug will fit anywhere in your home you care to put it, but it does make an impact in a stylish living room. If you agree, why not try these perfect pairings from the Icon By Design catalog.

Pairing #1: Olivia 2-Seater Sofa in Racing Green

Bring a warm touch to your living room that will make your wool rug stand out beautifully. Rich and opulent, with sturdy walnut styling and ultra-comfortable cushions, this fetching sofa is a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Pairing #2: Oliva Armchair in Racing Green

What makes a fantastic sofa even better? A matching armchair, of course! Snuggle down into the warm cushions, kick off your shoes, and enjoy a living room that will make you proud and comfortable in one. With solid walnut in an eye-catching design, you’re sure to love it.

Pairing #3: Felix Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Just like your new handmade wool rug, the Felix Coffee Table combines classic elegance with modern style in a fresh new twist. The perfect accent to any living room, you’ll love the unique touch this brings to your home.

About Icon By Design

Icon By Design is your go-to online store for Mid-Century, Scandinavian & Nordic Solid Timber Furniture. Every piece in our curated collection exudes style and class, with clean lines and modern twists that will enliven the rich oaks and walnuts that ensure longevity and timeless grace.

Because we work directly with the craftspeople who make our pieces, we can pass the savings on directly to you. Your budget can work harder for you, ensuring quality pieces that will become family heirlooms. With the Icon By Design Hand Woven Wool Rug offering versatile warmth, you can pair it with anything you please, so have fun finding your perfect pieces in our collection!


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