Pet Friendly Rugs

Life does feel a tad bit lighter when one has a cuddly, warm fur-baby to come home to every single day, but choosing a rug that is pet- proof  can be quite a challenge.  A pet friendly rug is a rug that is low on maintenance, easy to clean, odour-resistant and spill-proof. It is important to remember that no rugs are a hundred percent pet proof, so select a rug that can handle frequent vacuuming, mask odours to a certain degree and is not terribly expensive. 

Nothing is as heartbreaking as having your prized handwoven rug ruined by an unfortunate mishap. For instance, woven rugs can be scratched by pets leading to fibres unlocking, making the rug appear shabby and visually unappealing. That being said, there is no need to compromise on the style quotient of the rug, there are plenty of gorgeous rugs that are easy on the eyes.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are not just absolutely stunning to look at but have inherent qualities such as dust-resistance, stain-resistance and hypoallergenicity, which make these rugs fit well into homes with pets. Wool is not just soft and super comfy, but also tough and will withstand constant high traffic.  

Jute Rugs

Organic and classy, jute rugs are resilient and easy to clean, making them a great choice for a fur-friendly home. A quick vacuum will remove any trapped debris and fur. The texture makes them easy on the feet, and the durable nature of the fabric makes them long-lasting and ideal for busy hallways or lounge areas.


Rugs that lean towards being more flat and thus thinner will not collect dust nor will they catch fur. Another plus point is that flat weaves are not as attractive for your curious pet’s teeth, hence remain unchewed. 

Outdoor Rugs

Placing an outdoor rug indoors might seem counterintuitive, but considering these rugs are made with fabrics that  can withstand the elements, thus taking the durability of these rugs to a whole new level. Place them indoors to pet proof your home.

Types of rugs to avoid

Delicate fabrics 

Rugs made from fibres such as silk, bamboo silk etc. tend to be prone to damage. If you must have them in your home, make sure you place them in zones where your pet is not likely to run over them too often. 

Fringes and Tassels 

Rugs with fringes or tassels add detail to any space but unfortunately often attract the attention of your pets and you might walk into the room to find your puppy blissfully chewing on the fringes of your prized rug. If accidentally swallowed, they have the potential to become a safety hazard. 

Shag and High-pile rugs

Although they feel wonderful to walk upon, shag rugs are very fluffy which can easily trap fur and gunk, subsequently they are harder to clean up, and when placed in high-traffic areas, are predisposed to matting and fraying. 


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