Rug Care Guide

Now that you are the happy owner of a beautiful handmade, natural fiber rug, understanding the importance of caring for and maintaining your rug will go a long way in keeping it looking gorgeous and timeless as it’s meant to be.

Here are our top tips to keep your rug fresh and clean

General Information

  • Rug pads are a handy tool when it comes to extending the lifespan of the rug and in protecting the floors as well.
  • One of the chief causes of rug damage is footfall, the fibers that make up your rug will determine the extent to which the rugs last. Place your rug in an area that has low traffic, to ensure your rugs stay fresh and vibrant. 
  • Turning your rug around occasionally will equalise the wear on all sides and will keep the colours in the rug bright and fresh. 
  • Heat does not work favourably in preserving the longevity of any rug, so place your rug or carpet in a spot that is out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat.
  • Our rugs are designed for indoor use and keeping them away from areas high in moisture is a must. 
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  • Regular vacuuming helps in keeping the rugs in pristine condition. We recommend using suction-only vacuums.
  • Refrain from using a beater brush to vacuum over the rug as it can end up pulling fibers and can also create fuzz along its surface. 
  • Should you notice any loose fibers, using a sharp pair of scissors clip the ends of the fibers or gently tuck them inside the rug.
  • Do not vacuum over the fringes, tassels or serged (bound) edges of the rug as it leads to fraying and destruction of the edges.
  • The front of the rug should be vacuumed two to three times a year, don’t forget to turn the rug around and vacuum the reserve side too.
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  • Spills are an inevitable part of life, using a clean white cloth blot out what you can, rubbing is a strict no. Do not rub! 
  • Refrain from over saturating the rug with water as this may potentially lead to the dyes bleeding into each other.
  • Lukewarm water works best in removing stains.
  • Harsh chemicals must never be used as the likelihood of causing damage to the rug is high.
  • If despite your best efforts the stain refuses to budge, roping in the skills of a professional rug cleaner is the best course of action.

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