Rug Materials

Selecting the material your rug is made from is a personal preference, however, it helps to know the pros and cons of each material. To assist you in your shopping experience we’ve compiled a handy guide of popular rug types for you.

Let’s Talk about Wool

Traditionally handcrafted or handwoven, wool represents quality and excellence. If you’ve been looking for an element that adds an accent of luxury into your home, a wool rug might just be what you’ve been looking for. These rugs are very durable and robust which makes them great for high foot traffic areas. If there are kids in the house, wool will withstand the constant pitter patter of little feet. Given proper care and maintenance, these high quality rugs can easily last for up to 100 years.

Wool is hypoallergenic, repelling air pollutants, and works amazingly well in households where people suffer from allergies. Another plus point of wool is the resistance to stains, and spills are super easy to clean. Make sure you blot and never scrub.

If you are not sold on the benefits of this fiber, wool is naturally fire resistant, the fibres take an extremely long time to catch on fire and more often than not possess the ability to self-extinguish. Wool rugs can shed, but this usually stops after a couple of months. Do not place these rugs in damp areas as the fibre has a tendency to hold moisture. 

We recommend placing wool rugs in living or dining or bedrooms and playrooms. Although wool rugs are a little on the expensive side, consider it an investment that can be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom. 

grey wool rug

Everything Jute

Nothing exudes organic, natural beauty like jute. The natural tan colour of the material allows it to blend in easily with any aesthetic. The earthy, relaxed fibre is classic and clean. Made from the dried fibres of the Corchorus plant, jute is an eco-friendly and gorgeous addition to your home. Although jute fibres are a bit textured, they are still comfortable to walk on. The depth of the fibre adds an extra layer of padding over floors that are inherently colder, such as marble.

 Place these beautiful rugs in areas which need insulation and warmth. Avoid placing jute rugs in moist environments or under direct sunlight. Jute rugs tend to shed, and will need plenty of vacuuming. Position a rug-pad between the rug and the floor, this helps with cleaning.  Jute is very durable and stains can be bloated with ease. We recommend placing wool rugs in living or dining or bedrooms, hallways, office spaces and playrooms.

Handcrafted Rugs

Handcrafted rugs are highly prized because each rug is unique and a masterpiece is its own right adding an exotic touch that is hard to match. The fusion of colour, design and texture mesh together to create a piece of art that is both timeless and priceless. The artisans use traditional methods to create each rug, thus rugs have a very limited negative environmental impact.

The purity in the process through which handcrafted rugs are produced ensures that they are generally free from chemicals and most likely do not contain any synthetic fibres. Machine made rugs carry in them chemical toxins which can trigger allergic reactions. The fibres used in these rugs could be anything from cotton, to wool, to jute to silk and the dyes used are also organic. Free from glue or adhesives, these rugs are one of the most durable rugs you can own. The sheer skill of the artisan shines through as handcrafted rugs can withstand years of heavy foot traffic and yet manage to retain their pristine glow. Unlike other rugs that lose value, the older they get, the value of handmade rugs increases with each year that passes.

Hand-Tufted Rugs Explained

Often classified as handmade rugs, hand-tufted rugs are created partially by a hand held mechanised tool called the tufting gun and partially by hand. These rugs are quicker to produce than traditional handmade rugs. The process generally involves pushing strands of the fibre into a canvas that is stretched out across a frame. Hand-tufted rugs can have glue in them which can lower the extent of their lifespan as it makes them prone to shedding and the edges often tend to curl. 

Keep these rugs away from heat and moisture. Handmade rugs possess a certain character which is irreplicable, which is similar to hand-tufted rugs which can create both texture and patterns. It pays to remember that quality of these rugs are undoubtedly higher than those made by machine. Regardless, hand-tufted rugs are gorgeous and hold colour beautifully. Although they are not as expensive.




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