Styling 101: Autumn to Winter

As the temperature begins to plummet, it's time to switch up your home decor to make it feel toasty warm inside while it’s cold outside. Aside from dragging out the dusty old heaters from storage, there are plenty of ways to add warmth to your home. From incorporating layers to adding pops of deep colours, here are some ways to make your home a cosy cocoon this winter.


Layer Up

Bring out those cashmere throws, knitted blankets, velvety cushions and faux fur fabrics and add them around the home. Luxe fabrics add tactile textures and a sense of luxury to any room. How about a throw draped across your Franz armchair so that you’re cosy while reading a book? Or oodles of cushions on your Anika sofa so that you can all snuggle in front of the TV? 

Product: Franz armchair 

Add Warmth Underfoot

Hate getting out of bed on a cold winter’s morning? We hear you! Add a wool rug under your Bruno bed to keep your feet warm and add texture to a room. Rugs not only help to retain heat, they can also help to define a space within a room. For example, in your living room, a rug can be used to delineate the seating area and create a sense of intimacy. This can make a large room feel cosier and more inviting. Need to invest in a rug? Have a look at our Rug collection here.

Product: Rugs & Magnus Coffee Table


warm rug and magnus coffee table

Use Seasonal Colours

The colder months find us craving warmth and luxury. So, introduce a new colour palette in deep, rich hues to counterbalance the chill factor outdoors. If you don’t want to go all out, consider adding pops of earthy tones when decorating your home for winter. You can do this through your soft furnishings (pillows, bed linen, blankets, cushions and throws) or the many decorative pieces you have displayed on your Olivia modular shelves.  

Product: Olivia Modular Shelf

Olivia oak modular shelves

Invest in Solid Walnut Furniture 

Timber can transform your home from cold to cosy. Rich warm tones, inherent strength and organic beauty make walnut furniture a must-have in your home. Every knot in the wood tells a story and each piece is designed to last a lifetime so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

Product: Jorgen Sideboard, Axel Dining Table & Nestor Dining Chairs


Walnut sideboard, table, and chairs

Hunker Down in the Bedroom

Swap those easy-breezy lightweight cottons for thicker blankets and bedsheets on your Bruno bed. Bring out the plush doona, flannelette sheets and warm blankets. Layer in some soft pillows and textured throws for added comfort. Choose cosy colours like cream, burnt orange, olive green and navy to create a cocooning space. Pile those decorative cushions up high – they look good and feel great. Bring on bedtime! 

Product: Bruno Bed & Bruno Bedside Tables

Oak bed and bedside table

So, what styling tips will you incorporate into your own home to transform it into a relaxing winter haven? All it takes are these quick and easy updates to stay warm through the colder months. 


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