Which Wood Best Suits Your Home?

From the bedroom to the living room, wooden furniture is a staple part of your décor – but the question is, what kind of wood should you be looking for? Different styles and colours suit different interiors, so we’ve made some suggestions for complementary woods for different colour schemes.

solid oak dining set

Bright Colours

Because brightly coloured furniture tends to be the centrepiece, it can be tempting to choose light and whitewashed woods that won’t distract attention. However, darker tones can really make bright colours pop.

If you’ve got a bright orange sofa, an aqua armchair, or just a few bold-and-beautiful knick-knacks scattered about the place, we recommend trying American walnut wood. It’s equally rich in a completely different way, and the resulting contrast is sure to catch your guests’ attention.

dark solid oak couches

Dark Colours

This is another scenario where dark woods are a great option. When you have deep tones already in your colour scheme, dark woods can continue a warm and sophisticated ambiance.

However, if you’re trying to make a room look bigger or more airy, it’s a good idea to break up dark tones with slightly brighter woods. Neutral oak is a great way to balance warmth with light – and it’s a wood that never goes out of fashion.

stylish solid oak dining table

Neutral Colours

If you’re into minimal styling and neutral colours, chances are you’re looking for woods that are timeless rather than trendy. Solid oak in its natural colour is elegant and fuss-free, and represents the kind of quality that will last as long as your colour palette.

Depending on whether you’re looking for sleek or cosy, you can choose a glossed finish or go for the rustic-round-the-edges effect. Coffee tables like this Magnus design are a good example of the former, with a subtle shine complementing the smooth, rounded silhouette.

solid oak sideboard with grey door

Mix ‘n’ Match

Perhaps your colour scheme doesn’t fit into any of the above – or perhaps it’s a combination of all of them. In this case, you can really take your pick of woods.

It’s up to you whether you want the furniture to take a backseat – in which case you could choose whitewashed designs and simple, square silhouettes – or if you want it to pull the room together. If it’s the latter, pick a colour you like and choose several coordinating pieces, such as a bookshelf and a television unit.

Another fun option is to keep the eclectic theme going by choosing furniture which mixes different types of wood, or which intersperses wood with coloured panels – such as this Svend entertainment unit.

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