Your Guide to Buying the Right Bed Frame

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or just simply switching up the style of your bedroom, there are many things to consider when buying a bed frame.

This can be a many-year commitment after all, and if you get it wrong it can not only mean a bad night’s sleep but you might not love your room as much as you could or as much as you should!

These days you can find bed frames in a huge range of materials, styles sizes and price points. Our Scandinavian style bed frames are ideal for anyone overhauling their bedroom look and want to find a great value piece that will last for years to come.

Bed frames

solid oak bed frame and bedside tables

Check out the Bruno Range. Available in Queen and King sizes, this range features a sleek and modern design. Made from Solid American White Oak, they are a sturdy and stylish frame that are designed to last for decades. Unlike so many modern bed frames, these do not use a veneered wood or MDF construction which can so easily tear and tarnish.

The Anya Range uses a 100% solid timber in the Natural American White Oak. It is a robust material and high quality furniture item. Like all our products, this is not a simple veneer or MDF construction buy a reliably, solid frame which can endure for many years to come. If any chips or damage should occur to your frame during it’s lifetime it is easy to repair, unlike so many others. The Anya range comes in a queen and king size and is built to last a lifetime.

Our bedroom suites include bed frames with complimenting side tables, consoles and entertainment units so that you can complete the whole Scandinavian look in the style you love, with furniture items that you will have forever.


large light oak bed head

Large, bold headboards can make a statement in your bedroom and really become a feature piece. Our bed heads compliment the range of bed frames available but are also sold separately.

Giving your space the touch of that Scandinavian look is the perfect way to give your space that little something extra, if you’re bringing your own base.


oak bed slats

When buying a bed frame, consider the slats that come with it. As these provide the support to your mattress, you need to make sure the slats are designed to last too. The wider the distance between the slats, the less likely you’ll get many years of use and comfort from your bed frame as they are more likely to wear and tear your mattress. Look for slats that have a slight bend and a natural bounce that can absorb your natural nightly movement. The harder the slats, the firmer your bed will feel; so the decision is ultimately up to you and how much spring you want in your bed frame.


Don’t make the mistake of buying your bed frame only to find that it doesn’t fit through the door, can’t make it in the elevator or won’t bend around the right corners of your home. All our bed frames come flat packed for easy transportation with minimal assembly required before you have your next favourite bed frame set up in your bedroom.


Looking after your bed and mattress will mean that you’re able to enjoy them for years and decades to come. To properly care for your new bed set, check the legs and tighten them every six months or so. If you tighten the bolts on a bed frame every six months, you will avoid your bed becoming loose and squeaky.

Buying a new bed frame is a big decision, if you buy a high quality frame you should have it for years! Think carefully about style as well as sturdiness and feel free to ask lots of questions!

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