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Telstra Business Awards

Telstra Business Awards - Finalist

“Every year since the Telstra Business Awards started in 1992, they have been a place for Australia’s remarkable small and medium-sized businesses to gather to explore their dreams and their realities. The Awards continue to be a way for these businesses to step outside the day to day business operations, to ask big questions, and to celebrate what they have achieved.

I have had the privilege of meeting many of the businessmen and women who have taken part in the Awards over the years and I never stop questioning how each one of them is unique and marvelling at their diversity and drive.

The Award finalists inspire us all because of their ability find new and better ways to do things, their persistence and resilience, their courage to take risks, and their incredible talent and commitment. That is why the Telstra Business Awards are important. They showcase the very best of Australia’s small and medium business talent.

I celebrate the contribution they are making as they set the standard for the future.

What is great is that so many of the businesses involved in the Awards process have gone on to do remarkable things."

Andrew Penn

Chief Executive Officer


Retailer of the Year Award

Retailer of the Year Award - Winner

The annual Gift & Life Instyle Awards (GALA) is a recognition of the creative excellence of Australia’s vibrant and innovative retail industry. The awards are an opportunity for GALA to shine a spotlight on the exceptional talent and achievements within our community and congratulate our peers on their hard work and determination shown throughout the year.

The Retailer of the Year Award recognises an exceptional retail business plus their outstanding commitment to the industry.

ORIA Best In-store Initiative Award

ORIA Best In-store Initiative Award - Finalist

The Online Retail Industry Awards recognises the retailer business leaders leaders in the Australia, to showcase the great work that they have achieved and to celebrate their successes within the industry.

Icon By Design was recognised for their Customer Service driven in-store initiative and the exceptional scores being achieved in their NPS customer service rating.