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Where are your rugs made?

All of our rugs are handmade in India

What fabrics do your rugs consist of?

We only use natural products:

  • Wool
  • Jute
  • Viscose (man-made from plant fibres)
  • These are often blended with other fabrics for touch, colour, durability
  • Our backings are made of cotton

What is your rug care advice?

  • We always recommend treating the rugs with either Scotchgard or Stain Guard of some type.
  • Always read the instructions and the data sheet for the product prior to use. 
  • Read our Rug Care Guide for more details 

What sizes do your rugs come in?

We only offer 4 rug sizes. All sizes are available on the website. 

  • 160x230
  • 200x290
  • 240x340
  • 300x400

Are your rugs customizable?

  • We don't offer custom colours or sizes but we can in the future - if there are any enquiries, please contact Tom Firth at
  • Custom sizes can be achieved by having a professional cut and bind a larger rug to make a smaller size. Let us know where you live and we can recommend a professional.

What is your rug shipping policy?

  • We offer FREE nationwide shipping on our rugs!
  • Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery
  • Products are dispatched within 2 days and it may take up to 3 days for tracking details to be available

What is your rug return policy?

  • Should you change your mind about a purchase you have made with us, you have the option of returning the product within 24 hours of purchase/having received it and can opt for a refund. 
  • You will be charged 25% of the invoice amount restocking fee + shipping (below).
  • Alternatively, you can organise your own shipping of the return product. The product must be unused and in its original condition and packaging for these returns.
  • We reserve the right to reject any returns that do not meet these requirements.

Freight Costs (including GST)

  • 1.6m x 2.3m Rug rolls - $55
  • 2m x 2.9m Rug Rolls - $79
  • 2.4m x 3.3m Rug Rolls - $99
  • 3m x 4m Rug Rolls - $189

What about rug faults?

  • All faulty claims must be reported strictly within 24 hrs of delivery.
  • Damaged or faulty items are required to be unused and in their original packaging. 
  • Our handmade Natural Fibre Rugs do not come with any warranty.
  • Our rugs are individually hand made and hand woven by fair trade cottage industry weavers/artists. Each piece is unique and as such they are subject to the following variations, which are not considered faults or defects:
  1. Size: Being a hand made article, the size can vary by +/-3% from the size ordered.
  2. Colour: Every effort is taken to ensure there is minimal colour variation, however, some variation can be expected.
  3. Fading: Placing rugs in direct and continuous sunlight will cause them to fade. Charcoal colour products will fade in natural light/sunlight. Some colour may transfer on light coloured surfaces. Rotate your rug to minimise damage caused by natural light.
  4. Design & Construction: Minor variations may be evident, which is due to the fact that the product is a handmade item including line/weave thickness.
  5. Shading: Due to changes in pile and weave direction shading may occur and is a natural characteristic of carpets and rugs.
  6. Shedding: Our rugs are hand made from all natural fibres. Natural fibre rugs will initially shed loose fibers.This is to be expected. The removal of any loose fibres will be hastened by regular vacuuming using a good quality upright vacuum cleaner.
  7. Pilling can occur due to traffic, moving of furniture, vacuuming or other mechanical agitation. This can be trimmed with scissors.
  8. Pop ups: Due to the type of weaving, there will be short fibres popping up while the rug settles. This can be trimmed or pushed through.
  9. Fumigation smell: AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) works to protect Australia’s unique natural environment and economic assets from many pests and diseases found in other parts of the world. Common items of quarantine concern include: wooden items; rugs; carpets; skins; feathers; straw; paper; cardboard; etc. Treatments applied for biosecurity purposes are part of measures used in managing the risk of introduction of exotic pests and diseases. There can be a residual smell left after the fumigation treatment which will air itself out within a few weeks of opening the packaging if left in a well ventilated space.

Still have questions?

Our friendly team are on-hand to help online or in-store