In the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent, “fashions fade, style is forever”. In fact, anyone who once had (of their own free will) a perm will be able to tell you that trends pass. That may not be such a big deal when it comes to your haircut, but when you invest in a piece of furniture, you want to make sure it stands the test of time.

We don’t cater to fleeting fashions. Instead, we choose pieces that you’ll be as proud of in twenty years as you are today. Most of our silhouettes are minimal, and many of our colour palettes are natural. Our pieces look as at home in a family house as they do in a first apartment. Any of our designs could have been chosen by someone with excellent taste in 1990 or someone with excellent taste in 2030.

Our key design influence is Australian and Scandinavian style. Hailed for its simplicity and focus on traditional craftsmanship, the modern Australian and Scandi homeware trend is one that has consistently remained a favourite amongst architects, interior designers and – more recently – homeowners.

It’s a trend that brings to mind visions of penthouses with wide-open windows, glossy magazines on coffee tables and black and white photographs. The look centres on understated aesthetics, achieved with clean lines, monochrome palettes and a general lack of fuss. In short, it’s the kind of modern elegance that is the furniture equivalent of “I just threw it on and look fabulous”.

As well as adhering to the Scandinavian stylebook, we’ve taken the Nordic approach to quality as well. We choose only high-quality American oak and walnut, and we often pass up veneer finishes in favour of natural charm. Not only does this compliment our designs’ classic form, it also ensures that they’ll last as long as you love them – which we suspect will be a very long time. After all, quality never goes out of style.

We want to create pieces that can become family heirlooms, and that will draw as many compliments in your grandchild’s home as it will in yours. To do that, we have to make sure our designs are designs that you’ll fall in love with today, tomorrow and forever.

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