Best Uses for Your Ottoman

Unleash the versatility of an ottoman with creative uses that enhance functionality and style in any room.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ottomans can serve as extra seating, a coffee table, or even hidden storage.
  • Place trays on ottomans to convert them into stable surfaces for drinks and decor.
  • Choose an ottoman with internal storage to declutter your space efficiently.
  • Incorporate ottomans into any room for added aesthetic and practical benefits.

Ottomans are practical and offer many different uses; below, we have identified six creative uses for an ottoman.

Q: What are the best uses for an ottoman in home decor?

A: Ottomans are highly versatile pieces of furniture that can be used as extra seating, coffee tables, or storage units. Their ability to serve multiple functions makes them ideal for small and large spaces alike, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a room. Use ottomans to add a touch of style while maximising utility in your living space.


If you don’t have many seating options or realize you have more guests than chairs, ottomans double as seating. The cushions of ottomans are comfortable enough to sit on, and they have sturdy, strong bases, strong enough to hold the weight of a person.

By itself, an ottoman makes a great chair, but there are designs available where the ottoman can transform into a chair.

Foot Prop

Commonly, one of the ottomans uses is as a footrest, and it’s not hard to see why. The cushion is incredibly comfortable, and it sits at a perfect height to prop up your feet. Match it with your sofa and color scheme, and you have the perfect furniture piece with a footstool ottoman.



Because of their various styles and colors, ottomans can easily be used as a focal point in a room. Its surface is soft and versatile, and it can even double as a coffee table. Its height is smaller than a couch, which makes it the same size as most coffee tables, and they are sturdy and strong enough for everyday use. If you don’t need a large surface, you can choose a small ottoman.

It’ll certainly need a tray to catch any spillage, but it’s a fun and aesthetically pleasing way to use an ottoman.


There are ottoman choices, like ones styled as benches, that can provide extra storage space in your home. These storage spaces are perfect for every room within a home; in the living room, it can store blankets, slippers, or even board games, and they can be placed in a child’s room to hold toys. They can even be used to store clothing in smaller homes and apartments.

Ottomans come in various shapes and sizes, as do their storage spaces, so there are many storage options to choose from.

Bed Bench

A perfect place to set an ottoman is at the foot of the bed. Bedroom ottoman styles come in the form of a bench, and there are different sizing options, so it’s easy to find one that is the length of the foot of your bed. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it can serve two purposes: one, for those who are taller or who have smaller beds, and the ottoman can serve as an extension. Their top part is a cushion, so it’s just as comfortable as a bed.

Second, the ottoman is the perfect place to keep extra bedding and pillows, especially as the seasons change.


Furniture design has certainly evolved over the years, and this includes the evolution of autumn and designs. Certain ottomans can now be transformed into a sofa bed, which is ideal for those who regularly have guests over. These ottomans are stylish and Incredibly useful, and their versatility is amazing.


How to Choose the Right Ottoman 

Ottomans have many different usages, which makes them a fantastic Furniture choice for any home. But before purchasing an ottoman, there are a few things you’ll want to consider to help you choose the right option.



When selecting an ottoman for your home, consider the style of your interior design and other furniture. Whatever ottoman you choose, you want to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with your set style; instead, you want a versatile option or an ottoman that matches the style of your other furniture. There are multi uses for ottomans and multiple colors, like grey ottomans.

Know What You Need

Why are you purchasing an ottoman to begin with? What use are you going to put it to? These questions should be answered before purchasing, so you can choose the perfect fit. If you have throw blankets and pillows in your living room that you want to store away, you may want to choose an ottoman that has a storage space. And if you’re living in a space with a small living room, you may want to use ottomans instead of other furniture for seating. 

Answering these questions can make purchasing a faster and simpler process because you’ll already know what you’re looking for.


The measurement of the ottoman is really important because you don’t want to choose one that is too small for your living room and doesn’t match the size of your couch. Typically, ottomans should be close to ⅔ of the couch’s width and a few inches lower than the cushions on the couch.

To make sure you’re choosing the right ottoman, measure the width and height of your couch beforehand. This ensures that it’s a perfect fit.

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