Different Types of Bedside Furniture

From its name, it's not hard to decipher what bedside furniture is. However, there are many types of bedside furniture; so many, in fact, that it can be quite challenging to choose. Below is an overview of different types of bedside furniture.

Bedside Furniture

Bedside furniture is furnishings that are typically wooden, and they can either be placed on one side of the bed or both sides. Their purpose ranges, but for the most part, they hold essential items that you want within reach, such as a bedside table, books, etc. Traditionally, bedside furniture is either square or rectangular, though there are many sizing and shape options available. Wooden bedside tables are the common option, though there are tables crafted from other materials.

Bedside furniture is commonplace in many homes, and there is quite a selection of bedside table types and styles.


Nightstands are likely the most basic type of bedside table, though that doesn't mean they are not as useful as other types. Nightstands are typically used more for aesthetic purposes and style, and they generally don't have much in the way of storage. Some options have a small drawer to hold things, but primarily they exist as a stand for your phone, bedside light, and other miscellaneous objects.

Nightstands have even evolved to include smart nightstands, which are incredibly useful and have components like outlets, USB ports, speakers that can connect to Bluetooth, and wireless charging pads. There are even options that have night lights and white noise options, which makes them a fun choice for those who like to use their phone in bed.

Bedside Chests

Bedside chests are one of the popular options for bedside furniture, and it makes sense. They vary in size and length, but most options feature two to four drawers. Their height differs as well, and most bedside chests are either the height of a standard bed or slightly taller. They feature a flat surface for commonplace things, but the bedside drawers are perfect for holding pretty much anything, from books and mail to bedding and clothing.

Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets have a lot of similarities to bedside chests, except for one feature; they also have a cabinet with a door, which is perfect for storing away items that wouldn't normally fit in a drawer.

Bedside Tables

Nightstands, bedside chests, and bedside cabinets are the three main types of bedside furniture. Once you have chosen one of the above options for your room, there are a few other things to consider.

Do I Need Two Bedside Tables?

A common question people have is whether or not they need more than one bedside table. Aesthetically, two bedside tables look really great, but having two isn't practical for every home. If two people are sharing a room and bed, it's likely they'll each want a bedside table of their own. But for those who are enjoying an entire bed to themselves, the likelihood of them needing two bedside tables is very slim. When choosing a style and type of bedside furniture, you'll also want to consider how much storage you actually need. 

Storage in Bedside Tables

Do you have a lot of various items that need to be stored away, or do you really only need them for your phone and a few miscellaneous items? This will help you decide on an option.


What size of your bedside table should really depend on how much space you have in the room. If you have a larger bedroom with plenty of floor space, a longer and wider bedside table might look nice. But if you're short on space, a sleeker, smaller option may be better. There are also taller options that will take up vertical space.


There are many different styles and designs of bedside furniture to furnish your bedroom with.

  • Scandinavian bedside tables: Scandinavian bedside tables are simple and minimalistic and primarily use solid wood, like an oak bedside table and a walnut bedside table.
  • Modern bedside tables: A bedside table in a modern design is clean and sleek, with elements like brass knobs, marble, and glass. A small bedside table with brass knobs and a cabinet with glass shelving perfectly fit the modern style.
  • Coastal bedside tables: There are natural materials and textures used within this style, including in its bedside furniture. The furniture has a versatile, traditional design that looks great in any home.
  • Mid-Century bedside tables: Bedside tables in this style of design are characterized by geometric shapes, gold and brass elements, and wood that is mid-toned. 

Each type of bedside furniture has many different styles and designs, so they will fit any bedroom. No matter what type of bedside furniture you choose, you're sure to find an option you like.

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