New Apartment? Consider an Extendable Dining Table

When moving into a new apartment, you have to consider what you're going to furnish it with; apartments aren't known for having tons of space available. Consider investing in an extendable dining table.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

As its name suggests, an extendable dining table is a dining table that comes with extensions, commonly called leaves, that can be inserted or removed to change the length. Installation of the leaves is easy; the table needs to be pulled from each end, revealing an opening, which is where the leaves are placed. The extensions are normally numbered and pegs, so it's easy to tell where they go.

Not only are extendable dining tables simple and functional, but they provide multiple benefits.

Space Saver

Apartments tend to be small, and not only do you need to do your best to save space, but you also have to find ways to utilize your space. The flat surface of an extendable dining table can help provide storage space for plates, cutlery, and other items like stacks of books and papers. 

Because the length of the table can be altered, you can extend it when you need more space and minimize it when you're trying to save space.

Fit Any Space

Extendable tables are perfect for any size space. For small, compact spaces, the dimensions of the table can be minimized to the size of a regular table, and during celebrations and events, you can maximize the full length of the extendable table.

Extendable tables are also available in different shapes and sizes, which not only makes them aesthetically pleasing but ensures that there is an option suitable to the amount of space you have.

Strong and Sturdy

Extendable dining tables are a popular option because of their sturdiness. They are built strong and can handle normal wear and tear far better than other options, especially if the extension dining table is made of wood.

Various Options

There are many different options for extendable dining tables. The materials range from metal, marble, and wood, and they are available in retail stores and online. The various options make it easier to pair an extendable table with the decor of your home.

And, if you choose a wood material like an extendable oak dining table, the unique grains and patterns from knots make it a one-of-a-kind choice. The styles to choose from are endless, like the Scandinavian dining table and the mid-century dining table.

Easy Installation

The process of moving can be challenging, especially when moving into a new apartment. Everything that may have otherwise fit into a home can be a hassle to bring into your new apartment. This is one of the reasons why an extendable table is such a great option; they are easy to move and change the size, so they can easily fit through your new doorway. For some options, the legs are even foldable, which makes the task even simpler.

Easy Maintenance

One of the main advantages of having an extendable table in your new apartment is how easy they are to care for.

  • Dusting: Keeping your extendable table clean is very simple. For the most part, all it needs is a regular dusting with a microfiber towel or lint-free cloth; this can remove dust and debris that can scratch it and damage the finish. Avoid using chemicals like Pledge because they can be absorbed into the surface of the table and damage the finish. If there are any spills or stains on the table, you can dampen a cloth with water or gentle soap.
  • Heat and Humidity: Most extendable table options are made from wood; while some types of wood are resistant to heat and humidity, others are not. When placed next to a heat vent or radiator, the dining table can warp. And when introduced to areas with high humidity, the table and extensions can swell or contract, which can damage the table.

If you have chosen a wood option, like an oak dining table, then they can be refinished and restained when they begin to fade.

Ensure that the table extensions are placed either near the table or on the same floor. That way, in case the wood of the table does contract or swell, the extensions are exposed to the same heat and humidity and will change with it, so they still fit the table.

For many reasons, extendable tables are a fantastic option for a new apartment. Not only can they help you maximize the amount of space you have, but they are simple to maintain and strong enough to last you years. The performance of extendable dining tables more than makes up for their costs.

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