Summer Palette

Summer Palette: Bright and Beautiful

Want to give your home a refresh this summer? The best starting point is to take your cues from what the season has to offer. From natural, solid wood furniture with curves in all the right places to accessories in vibrant colours like hot pink and green that lift the mood, it’s time to let the sunshine in! Here are our top picks for sunshine days ahead. 

Tip 1 # All Things Bright and Beautiful 

Add a splash of colour to set the scene for summer in your home. Our picks for the season? Peach, hot pink, green and lavender. They’re vivid, they’re vibrant, they’re vivacious. What’s more, bright colours can have a positive effect on our mood and can do wonders to lift our spirits. Refresh the cushion covers on your Olivia sofa, dress up your Jolanda bed in colourful linen sheets, or pop some colourful curios on your Magnus coffee table. You can even go bold with a feature wall or guest bathroom painted in these shades or use colour in unexpected places like your wall trims and cabinetry. 


Tip #2: Got a Green Thumb?

Bring the outdoors into your home. Add a variety of indoor plants in each room, yes, even in the bathroom. You can even capitalise on gorgeous outdoor views of trees or your garden with open windows and sheer curtains. Added bonus? Household plants freshen up the air and eliminate harmful toxins.


Tip #3: Curves in All the Right Places

Curves in furniture and furnishings are here to stay – from chairs and sofas to tables and even home decor. Curved furniture softens the silhouette; it is the perfect way to break up strong, harsh lines within a room and add an air of mystery. 


Tip #4: Vacation Vibes

Be on permanent vacation with an easy breezy colour palette that encourages you to relax. When you incorporate happy colours into your home via throw cushions, vases, artwork and rugs, it allows you to travel without having to pack a suitcase! Think relaxing blues of the beach, and zen greens in the hills, hot pink bougainvillaea in tropical destinations. 


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