Delivery Guarantee

If for any reason your product does not arrive in a suitable condition, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always replace any products that arrive in an unsuitable condition as long as you notify us within 14 days of receiving your order.

We deliver to any address in Australia, excluding PO Box addresses. We ship your order either via a furniture carrier (Designer Transport) or, for regional areas, Toll or Star Track Couriers. Once your order has been shipped, the furniture carrier will notifiy you via SMS of the progress of delivery. In the cases of Toll and Star Track Couriers, we will  send you a tracking number via email.

We typically dispatch your order the next business day after receiving it, for Buy Now items. For delivery within Australia you can expect your order within one to two weeks of order placement. (If you live in Sydney this can be as quick as one week, and within a fortnight for Melbourne and Brisbane). For Pre-Ordered items, the expected delivery cycle will be stated on your invoice.

Damages in Transit

Every single one of our items is inspected by our quality control team prior to being packaged. We do this to catch any issues in the factory, rather than when you receive your order. In addition, all items have extensive packaging to protect from damage occurring in transit. As a result, we have a very low rate of orders arriving in an unsatisfactory condition. That being said, if an issue does occur you are not liable.

What happens if my order or part of my order arrives in an unsuitable condition? If any part of your order arrives in an unusable condition we will replace that particular item. We are happy to replace the particular item, however, we do not provide cancellations for items that have been shipped.

What happens if the item that I ordered arrives in an unsuitable condition but there is no stock left? In this very rare occurrence, we would send out a replacement as soon as more stock became available. We are happy to replace the particular item, however, we do not provide cancellations for items that have shipped. We will look after you with an offer of store credit if there is an extended wait.

Please note typically the only way an item will arrive damaged is if the carrier delivering it acts in a negligent way. If this does occur, you are not liable.

If you do need an item urgently or have any questions please contact us either by email at or phone on 1300 715 719. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.