Craftsmanship | Icon By Design

beautiful design, built by artisans.

... it's that simple

Furniture that makes you fall in love is hard to come by and even harder to replace, so we’ve made it our mission to find designs that you won’t have to say goodbye to any time soon. Uncompromising quality is paramount, and that’s why each and every design that we feature is checked, assessed and approved by our lead craftsman, Jim. We make sure that our furniture is made to last a lifetime, not just a season or two.

Every piece of furniture that we feature is built to commercial-grade quality – meaning they’re made to withstand a high amount of wear and tear without sacrificing any structure or style. We believe that beautiful artistry creates timeless design, and so we put as much value on durability, strength and even the type of timber we use as we do appearance.

We don’t believe in cutting corners, and never skimp on the details – a philosophy which we apply from concept to design to creation. Not only we do only use high-quality, durable woods like American oak, we make sure all our furniture comes from designers who share our passion for traditional craftsmanship and our commitment to perfectionism.

In fact, many of our chosen craftsmen also work on pieces for high-end designer brands. We select each one for their exemplary work, their artistry and their adherence to Icon By Design’s key principles. We work closely with them throughout the entire process to make sure the finished product is just right, and to make sure that we’re completely confident in the quality of our creations.

Before any design can move from artist’s studio to shop floor, it has to be examined by Jim. If it meets our meticulous standards, it’ll be stamped with his prestigious personal seal of approval, and only then will we present it to our customers. Every piece that appears on our website is a piece we’re proud of, and one that you can be proud of for decades to come.